Who will bell you mi lords ?

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  1. Caroline says:

    mallory – It’s MORE than worth it FOR SURE!!! But as I was posting that last night, I literally felt like I was out of breath from the day and could hardly keep my eyes open. The book is ToddlerWise. To he honest, I don’t really like everything in the book, but then again, I think I’m like that with all parenting books I’ve read so fa3.p82r0;&exce#t the Bible! : )I’m going to post some books on my blog. One that I’m about to order that I’ve heard GREAT things about is The Happiest Toddler on the Block. We’ll see….

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  3. The final line was simply superb!!!

  4. selvarajugovindaraju says:

    Why not the DMK those who hold whip in their hand about 17 years in center have made any efforts to induct TAMIL as judicial language in courts. Is it not a shame to them to be called themselves as TAMILINA PADUKAVALARKAL

    • Whip says:

      sir you are miss understood about DMK we know we have the whip .think twice to answer you wants to learn a concept which is wise to buy a book or get it from library ?according to me if i realy wants to read i will go to the library .if i wants to show i am having the book then i prefer to buy.if real motto is against corruption it is easy solution,All judges of the high court must be from other state ,not to be a border state..

    • Karthik says:

      If I have followed the issue properly, then I guess both DMK and ADMK governments have done their part for bringing Tamil in Madras High court. But initially the matter went to Mardras high court and now I guess it’s pending in corridors of SC… Correct me if I’m wrong

  5. Kalyanaraman Subramaniam says:

    First of all, to replace the so-called “corrupt” judges, do you have enough “clean” lawyers? Notwithstanding what Savukku would like to believe and have other believe, lawyers are the worst component in the society today. You have lawyers fighting and killing each other over solicitation of cases (Chennai Egmore), lawyer getting shot at by a criminal, who was being sheltered by the same lawyer, lawyers representing known and hardened criminals and goondas, lawyers themselves acting like goondas indulging in “katta panchayat”, lawyers inreal-estate business (the biggest black money generator in india) and practically everything illegal!! The educational and political system breed corrupt and incompetent products, who then on go to become the guardians. Savukku’s own diatribe against Sankara Subbu may have been forgotten by him, but not by others. Sankara Subbu is one of the “fighters” for justice in the court the other day!!

    if helmet judgement has been delivered by a court, the proper forum and means for the lawyers to fight it out will be the courts (after all, that is what they recommend to their clients, for the benefit of additional income!!!) and the street! What is so special about the lawyers that they be exempted from wearing a helmet? Why should they act like a political party, taking out processions? They do, because they belong to a political party, one of the other! Where is the objectivity and honesty that are supposed to be displayed and demonstrated by them in theor cases and litigations? Does Savukku have an answer? I don’t think so!

    It is amply clear that Savukku has let his personal prejudice against CTS to cloud his judegement about the whole affair, going as far as he can to condemn eveything that everyoe else does. Secondly, Savukku has got himself into a state of so-much-self-belief that he thinks whatever he says is right and everyone else is a jackass! Savukku has become another “Cho”, shifting stances and justifying them all the time!!

    One final suggestion (despite being 50+ and elder to him, I feel that Savukku may be offended by any advice from anyone!): If Savukku does not portray objectivity in his writings, his relevance will become progressively less! And before he jumps to say that I don’t know anything about the legal profession, let me hasten to add that I am well-assciated with an honest (such a rare breed in the legal fraternity) and successful practising lawyer!!

    • Kalyanaraman Subramaniam says:

      Para 2, Line 2: it shoud read as “NOT the street”. Fighting in the street is what they do now!!

      • Unmai_suttathu_sudukirathu_sudum says:

        Fully agreed Mr. Kalyanaraman. Obviously Savukku will not respond to any of the questions you have posed. They take the advantage of blogs. Whatever they want to write they will write. They will not respond to criticism/questions posed to them. Kozhaigal.
        In fact the question should be “who will bell Mr. Savukku and the likes of him/her”

  6. Balaji says:

    //But the moot question that still is who will judge the Judges ?// A million Dollar Question

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