Injustice Karnan : Judiciary’s collective failure.  

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  1. MARIAPPAN says:


  2. Narayanan.V says:

    The articles links are cut,cannot forward or send the mail link.somebody is doing mischief
    Kindly correct i have sent this article’s mail link to atleast 25 people ,they in tern have circulated
    it to many.All got the same result.Very good articles like this should not end this way,The result
    the get is 404 not found.

  3. k.paranitharan says:

    இந்த பதிவை தமிழில் இட்டால் நாங்களும் படிப்போம் சார்…:-(

  4. Shankar says:

    Savukku, Two community always think they are above God in India, one is Court Judges, Second are the Political Leaders and third to a little extent, Media. If any one wants to get VIP status they have 2 channels one is cinema channel in south India, second is political channel. Cinemal channel is the also supplementary channel to political channel in tamilnadu. Media supports it greatly without any due diligence.

    Many industrialists like Ramachandra Hospital Mr.Venkatachalam, Bharat University Mr.Jagathrashakan, Benze Club Mr.Saravanan, SRM Chancellor Mr.Pachaimuthu, Lot more unnamed here are hiding behind Karnan like Legal Professionals to hide their wealth, illegal legacy.
    Income tAx Raids, Arrest, Case all these are made very simple by Karnan like people who make Law and Order a laughing stock and mockery system. Poor common man pays the Police man a minimum of Rs.100 on the road, where Police men cheat the public there by collecting it as bribe.

    From 12 Ministers leading the Money distribution in RK Nagar, Mr.Kamaraj, Ms.Saroja ,Mr.Vijayabhaskar following the legal violation, the judiciary system has never arrested so far.

    Which system including electoral system is accountable to 2nd largest democracy people in India. > We do no have an answer. mWe can only read these articles. Savukku like persons can produce these articles. But who is going to act on these articles. No answer because we have Karnan, kumaraswamy type of Judges.

    Shameful !

    • One Advocate says:

      It is proved that our political system got failure

      • Shankar says:

        Correct Sir ! The Judiciary or Advocate or Doctor or Teacher or Priest or Person on Decision of Honour should not set wrong precedence.

  5. Venkat says:

    The judicial hierarchy in the country must hang its head in shame

  6. Chellathurai says:

    Great. Each and every word is true. Pl accept my regards.

  7. Sampath says:

    Please translate the article in to tamil in order to reach all people

  8. Samel says:

    Please translate the article in to tamil

  9. Prem says:

    Very Well Written and Logical… Classic case of Failed Indian Judiciary

  10. JayachandranNamasivayam says:

    As the other two systems have gone crumbled long before we are forced to live in the fools paradise as our super learned SC Judges.

  11. We'll says:

    As always great sir.

  12. Scorpio says:

    Well written… your last both articles summarizes…. In INDIA two systems are UNACCOUNTABLE to any. MEDIA and JUDICIARY. THESE two are pillars of democracy. CRUEL JOKE….

  13. Ramki says:

    Shame on the system
    Shameless personality
    And shame on everything.

  14. gunalan says:

    pl. translate into Tamil. and post again to read in depth. so that all people can read the reality. Thanks.

  15. MARX says:

    தமிழாக்கம் வேண்டும்

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