Is Modi dumping Edappadi ?

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  1. avudaiappan says:

    b j p will win in gujarath …immagination for its defeat

  2. Anonymous says:

    The AIADMK will remain relevant until there is family politics and BJP nor INC can even think of winning more than 200 seats hereafter. Such is their despotism.

  3. Eesan says:

    Bullshit Article. Mostly a fear from the author that DMK may align with the BJP. Why did the author not write this in Tamil? Want to reach Pan India for no reason. And all facts stated about the current state in Gujarat is nonsense and a wish list of the the great Dubukku who was once a staunch enemy of the DMK. Today he writes articles supporting DMK. Shameful. Ithukku verra pozappu parkalam ….

    • Anonymous says:

      If consider the forum is a dubbukku then why you follow this blog?. This author has never taken any side and perfectly being neutral. Yes the author aimed to reach this article pan india to expose the current panic bjp face. One more if you shout here you wont get your perks so try do something like facebook to show your bakthi and get your stakes

      • Eesan says:

        Thankyou Mr. Anonymous … Your guts is appreciated … Why don’t u reveal urself u coward …

        • Ang Pak says:

          Eesan, what are you going to do with a name, ? How is it certain Eesan is your real name? Can you post proof of your name? Looks like your real name is JOKER

  4. Gp says:

    So Tamil Nadu’s fate will be decided by Gujarati’s. Sad

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