Purohit’s rites and BJP’s ambitious plans

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5 Responses

  1. LastSuzanna says:

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  2. Shankar says:

    Everyone uses “People of Tamilnadu” and “Interest of Tamilnadu People”. Today, undoubtedly, without any second thought, including the members of AIADMK would only want this Government to be dissolved and seek a fresh mandate from so called the Royal People of Tamilnadu. Press, Media, Political Parties, Political Leaders, Social Media, Social Activists and all are only producing narrations, iterations, stories, articles, essays. But where is the relief. Students, Farmers, People have protested and protesting for different cause. We are only still working on modalities of the constitution as to what are the powers and mandates wherein we do not have powers to throw this Government away where the entire electoral roll would only want to dismiss this Government.

  3. Daniel says:

    This is a better article than the previous one where support to the mafia gang of Sasikala. Whether it was intended to support directly or not, it did give an indirect support to those gangs. If the BJP’s policies and practices are not good for the nation or not useful for the people of Tamilnadu, they would not be elected and if they are in power they can be thrown out in 5 years. But if the mafia gang come to politics, they will buy everyone. Imagine this situation. Even while deriving indirect support from JJ, they have looted and raped Tamilnadu for more than 10 years. The gang says so many nonsensical statements “We will do Family politics”, “The farm house will only have cow dung and fertilizers etc” where a lot of documents have been seized, and so on and so forth.
    True the Governor Purohit’s actions are beyond his constitutional role. What did the political parties do? Simply released some reports for media and nothing beyond. This is the time to mobilize peoples support as one family of Tamil people (this should have been done when the IPS turned politician did something similar in Pudhucheri) After all Puducheri people are also Tamils. But the political parties fight among themselves for their own share forgetting the overall picture.
    A slow encroachment against the Tamil people is slowly becoming evident and the political intellectuals cannot see beyond their nose.
    Hope the Tamil people – if not the parties in Tamilnadu – will see the situation and elect someone other than DMK, ADMK, Congress, BJP who might be fresh to politics – but has a core of good willed honest people who will make mistakes in ruling but will not loot the wealth of Tamilnadu for the benefit of a few families in politics and higher officials.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tamil Nadu is not Puducherry where a few localities are called a “State” being easy so that one can come out and do the PR tactics. The Governor of Tamil Nadu trying this method in Tamil Nadu will backfire as it is easy to say reviewing every district of the State but the action part is very difficult. If he starts receiving petitions then people will flock to him for every trivial reason and he should be aware his rhetoric is at best amusing. The review at Coimbatore was a different game as the party thinks the only place in Tamil Nadu where it can have some hope and by doing a review there it wants to project itself as the protector of the interests of Coimbatore. But even there political dividends are not assured for the party. 2019 may return them single digit figures in the 5 Southern states combined.

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