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  1. ராம் கிசோர் says:

    அருமை விறு விறுப்பு கூடுது..புக்கா போட்டு படிக்க வைக்ககூடாதா ஓவர் நைட்டுல பசிச்சிடுவோம்…வீ ஆர் வெயிட்டிங்…

  2. A.Janarthanan says:

    I agree with Mr Rajan completely.Such a big amt cannot be sanctioned by a BM.Story is good.Pl try to familiarise with banking formalities before venturing with this type of stories.As a retired BM we know how this are all happening.PRESSURE from politicians ministers higher officials are all there.No doubt about it.But weak links are there in all levels and concerned people will exploit these weaknesses and will get their work done by any methods.In these cases paper work will be pucca.Later on when things go wrong innocent people also along with real culprits will be caught and punished. Anyhow pl continue the story.Best wishes

  3. Rajan says:

    Savukku’s serial story goes well. But,as a former bank employee,I would like to point out certain factual errors in bank procedures described by Savukku.Loan for Rs1200 crore cannot be sanctioned by any Branch Manager on his own.In most banks this big loan can be sanctioned by the Board of Directors only.There is a limit for exposure of a bank in a sole-proprietorship firm,partnership firm,limited company etc.Instead of exposing one particular bank,a bunch of banks would join together as a consortium to finance such a big loan.Savukku says that full details of the partners/directors of R.K.Enterprises were not provided.Not only the names and addresses of the promoters but also assets owned by them /by the company should be furnished.If the loan is sanctioned at the bank’s head office/zonal office/regional office,the credit department in such offices will scrutinize the file/documents etc before according sanction.If collateral security is provided,then legal opinion as to the marketable title of the borrower over the property pledged has to be obtained from the legal department irrespective of the value of the property offered.Any sanctioning authority below the head office must report the sanction details to the next senior authority.Branches are inspected at least once in 15 months.Besides many branches would be under concurrent audit.Any wrong sanction that too without observing the norms would be detected within a month thanks to fast management information system currently available in all banks.A credit file,that too pertaining to a loan of Rs 1200 crore cannot be kept by a branch manager in his personal locker.The banking activities are very transparent nowadays.Savukku could have consulted a serving bank manager before venturing to write a story like this.No finance minister will write a letter to a branch manager recommending a loan.A file pertaining to such a big loan cannot be kept in a locker.Branch has to send lot of periodical reports to higher authorities and hence the file would be available in the credit department all the time.Savukku’s story telling is good.But like great writers like Balakumaran and PVR who wrote novels about automobile sales,high court etc studied the particular industry/office for several weeks before writing such novels(Balakumaran’s IRUMBUKUDIRAIGAL and PVR’s HIGHCOURT and the famous English novel LAST DIAGNOSIS which dealt about hospital and RH Posiitive/negative blood groups.

    • Prabu says:

      Sir, Then what about the loans that are not coming back from big fishes like, Mallaiah and Ambani. What happened to the news on 15.02.2018 for an amount of 11000 crores from PNB bank and the stock market also crashed because of this. They have not followed all these rules as you pointed out?. This is not to accuse you or your system, just to know, how they could have escaped all the checks you mentioned and still got big loans and escaping without paying.

      • Rajan says:

        PNB and RBI failed to detect the fraud earlier.If you have read newspaper reports,you would find that the culprit(now retired bank officer)has fraudulently issued the LOUs through SWIFT and the issue of such LOUs never got revealed in the CBS(core banking system).Reports state that this particular lower level officer was allowed to continue in the same seat for several years which is against the transfer policy of the bank.Normally such LOUs issued on behalf of jewelers would be for 90 days.But the culprit has issued LOUs for 365 days.Other banks which dealt with such LOUs should have suspected the genuineness of the LOUs just by seeing the tenor of the LOUs. When I was in service (prior to 2007)there was a system where the bank which act upon such LOUs would verify the genuineness of the LOU with the issuing bank before acting upon it.What I mean to say is that there are systems and procedures in banks.The fraud was perpetrated due to system failure and lack of follow up procedure.

  4. Sampath says:

    I shocked . politician are doing murders for eg. Devakottai .Russo murder case.

  5. யோகேஷ் says:

    சிதம்பரத்தின் அட்ராசிட்டிகள படிக்கிறப்ப கோபத்த கட்டுப்படுத்த முடியல. அடுத்த அத்தியாயங்கள சீக்கிரமா போடுங்க சவுக்கு ஷங்கர் சார்.


    Excitement and interesting to read

  7. Anand says:

    Looks like a mega serial trend,keeping the suspense part carried forward on regular basis

  8. Sathish says:

    Excellent written by savukku. Keep it up

  9. Jay says:

    சுஜாதா வே தேவலாம் போல இருக்கு… இப்படியா கொண்டு வந்து நிறுத்ததறுது?தக்க டக்குனு எழுதி புப்லிஷ் பண்ணுப்பா . டென்ஷன் தான்களை..super super

  10. sir, antha ponnu pesuna audio?

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