Jaggi Vasudev – Sadhguru or Scamster ?

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  1. PRASAD says:


  2. Raj says:

    Christian missionaries have been trying to convert the whole india into Christianity. In fact they have been working for that quite some time with foreign aid and they succeeded in their attempt in a great deal. Majority of the people in south indian villages and north indian tribal areas are converted to Christianity already. But nowadays the programs conducted by Sadgurus isha foundation creates a barrier for them to achieve their goal. They are unable to convert the people just by giving some food or by giving tempting opportunities for education or job etc. To achieve their goal, they need to take Sadhguru down, they are working hard for that and all leftist media is helping them. The same people fund Pappu is funding these guys as well. They are trying their best to remove sadhguru from the picture.

  3. Dipak Basu says:

    How did Swami Vivekananda exploit the poor?

  4. Rakesh Singh says:

    Though I respect sadhguru’s intelligence and his deep insight of life but I am open to read his critics all I can ask to come with some substantial and credible evidence. Also even if he is envovled into some socially defined wrongdoing like tax evasion still his ideas of life hold its meaning.I mean science behind lectures of Fyenmen will still be worth of readings even if he turns out to be a bad person.

    • Ram Krishna says:

      Science is better absorbed with Math. They complement each other. There are much better original sources in Vedas and Upanishands where this dastard has plagiarized his info. This “so-called” Shiva worshipper is a disrupter of families. – Hindu

  5. I have been associated with ISHA since last 02 years by doing Inner Engineering Programme. Recently, I visited for the 1st time at Isha Yoga Centre at Coimbatore to attend ‘Diabetes Management’ course of Isha Rejuvenation from 5th to 9th February’2018.
    It’s really surprising to see how openly these people under the shelter of self styled Godman, Jaggi Vasudev are be fooling the society by minting money in the name of arbitrary ‘Diabetes management’ course charging a huge amount of almost Rs.20,000/- (including staying & food). The entire course does not focus at all on diabetes and most of the times are spent on ‘Aum’ and mantra chanting. The type of medicines given as Siddha medicines are just useless. There is practically no impact of this type of course to anyone. The amount collected as Donation is clearly direct evasion of Tax.
    There is a need for immediate strong intervention of the Central Government to arrest such wrongful activities.

    • Raj says:

      5 days of your stay itself will cost around 5×2500=12500, and the food 5×150 =750, so you are not paying a huge as a course fee i guess… and the money collected from you used in various villages to feed the under privileged children and for their education…. i dont think sadhguru is a god man … and he never claimed it

      • Shelly says:

        If this is the case, n intention are correct… why need to do the act under the cover of donation. Pl use n resect the power of something which is sitting on the neck.

  6. nirmal says:

    கன்னடத்து நாய் ஜக்கிக்கு கோயம்பத்தூரில் என்ன வேலை

  7. alex carville says:

    Shady website and shoddy research. Might be worthwhile to look into who is funding this anti-jaggi vasudev effort.

  8. Ram says:

    All Left/Maoists/Seperatists/converters could not tolerate Jaggi,Sri Sri etc when they educate all sections of Hindus through Yoga . so they come with other allegations.
    surely nowadays Hindu youths are easily answering Periyar questions against Hinduism.

  9. J das says:

    You are anti Hindu secular. Get lost

  10. Shanmugam says:

    To every follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who objects any kind of criticism/objection by saying ‘You must be funded by a Christian missionary’:

    Namaskaram! I challenge you all to read this post word by word and state your objections: http://qr.ae/TbSyrb
    I am pretty sure whatever you have to say will add credibility to what I have written..
    The way you comment on that post will prove how meditative, loving and peaceful you have become after following your guru and my ex-guru for such a long time. So go ahead!
    By the way, any kind of abuses and ad hominem attacks are welcome. If you need some swear words to abuse me, then google ‘100 abusive words in english’…
    I have a lot of criticism about your guru. And now I realize that certain things has gone beyond the limit. So, you are also welcome to read everything else that I have written, which you can find by doing a simple Google search with my name and the name of your guru!

    • Anonymous says:

      Super sir,
      Kindly post articles about 1509 elder’s mystery death in a oldage home near chennai

      • Shanmugam says:

        I can only post what I know about. I know about Sadhguru and Isha foundation for the past 15 years and I was a strong admirer of him. It is only after about 14 years of close association with Isha, I started writing some posts criticizing only certain things that Sadhguru said regarding Science, Spirituality and History. Till now, I haven’t even written a post regarding any legal allegation because I am not an expert in environmental issues, economy etc.

        I indeed heard about St. Joseph hospice issue few days before on social media. Even I was not happy about the fact that the news was suppressed by the media. But I think it is well known now. But again, I read two sides of the story. I read many articles regarding the accusation and I also read the article where the founder of the hospice explained what happened: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2018/feb/28/tamil-nadu-founder-of-kancheepuram-hospice-denies-irregularities-1779956.html.

        But let us keep one thing in mind. If the founder of the St.Joseph hospice committed a crime, it is a crime and the action should be taken. If the founder of Isha has committed a crime, then it is a crime and an action should be taken. We shouldn’t tie the issue to a religion. And we should stop asking people questions like ‘Why are you not writing about Karunya’ etc. This only reinforces religious prejudice in the country. If you know something illegal that Karunya did, go ahead and write a blog post, explaining things in detail. A person should write only what he knows about and thats what I have been doing in my posts. 🙂

        Also, I am aware that there are factual accuracies in this Savukku article too (As far as I am ware of, Samyama is offered for free and I paid Rs.750 for Bhava spandana in the year 2008 which is less than what I paid for the basic program). So, don’t think that I endorse this article completely. The only reason why I commented here was this: I am not happy about abusive comments coming from people who are meditators. This will also put people in Isha in a bad light and I don’t think that is what Isha volunteers want. When someone is writing something, it is not appropriate to engage in ad hominem attacks.

        Hope you understand, Have a great day..

  11. sikkandar says:

    I was one of his earliest disciples and a Hindu (preemptive answer to “you are a Christian/Muslim” accusations). He is not as bad as Nithyananda but he certainly does not deserve all this adulation

  12. rpm says:

    Brave of you to publish such an expose’.
    I am aware of his activities from 1986 to 1993 beyond which I have followed the media.
    They all point to what you are getting at.

  13. sreenivas says:

    U just tried your level best to defame him , but it utterly false ..u are clear cut christian , not interested in well being of hindus , or else u asked bribe to not to publsih this article from Sadguru , obviosuly he denies ,,,so u posted this ..but u have not given any information what he has done in tamilnadu ,poject green hands, in tsunami how they helped, and what they are doing now in isha vidya,,

  14. Vijay says:

    Who wrote this article? Who runs this website? No information is available. The site is shady, and authors are cowards.

  15. Sharon says:

    I recently visited the ashram and bought stuff from the Isha shoppe. On the receit taxes are stated. Donation is nowhere mentioned. So you definatly are making false assumtions about tax evasions. My life has been enriched by Jaggi Vasudev and that’s all that counts for me. If he doesn’t enrich yours, that is okay. Accusing him if he steps out of line is also Okay, but with fals accusations you will only harm yourself. You’re karma.

  16. Nikhil V says:

    I find it worth noticing, all around the world, that the people who have the most of PLENTY to spare to simply pay their taxes and move on, are instead spending 100 times more mental energy and taking 100 times more risk and even committing violence and getting into destroying people’s lives just to avoid paying some stupid tax. Isha foundation for example, can do perfectly well by operating as a company, even as a social enterprise, in all its official dealings. But they are going overboard in making even the bluntest of sales get filed as donations. Why? To what end? Why to keep on worshipping and sacrificing to the Tax Evasion, Law Violation Satans? Why not perform true Dharma by being a good taxpayer?

    • Arun says:

      It’s very simple.. ‘Desire for everything’ is the one line answer for your question. And tax evasion included in this package.

      There is no doubt that its a business. It will eventually handed over to his daughter one day. So called social work by the disciples of jaggi is just for argument’s sake

      • Anonymous says:

        ofcourse such writings will point a subject in another limelight ,but what is funny is that people make assumptions without even touching that subject. Are you guys this fool? The word donation is considered not because it is taken as a donation but rather as if one is offering to the scope of the meaning of spirituality. Don’t be so demented to ignore the fact of how things work,everything that happens inside isha foundation is considered taxable or non-taxable acc. to the concerned activity.
        What you dont believe is fine,but what you don’t know does surely not gives you the right to speak like you know already,in that case you’re being a conman not the one youre pointing at. Judgement isnt so easy.

    • Vikas Swami says:

      Have you ever visited Isha Yoga Center or atleast did any Yoga offered by Isha? It’s like I am judging you just reading your comments right from my home 🙂

      • Shivani Tejas says:

        Dear Vikas Swami, I am fellow Hindu and have followed Jaggi since 1990. He was a small player who would quip “Why do people need different yoga for industrials and another for individuals”.

        Later have lost my sister to this cult. I have seen the dastardly side of this organization. If you want Yoga, please go to “Sivananda Yoga Ashram”. Not follow such cults.

        Ram Ram. Om Namah Shivay

  17. Annamalai says:

    what a pity – The title of the article is Sadhguru or Scamster? you have written it only in one direction of a scamster.. which even if is no truth, suggests that its written with prejudice.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes you are correct,

      Doubt of this editor and the article,
      If this was about Nithyananda there’s a reason,

      Heard in Todays Thanthi news that a Christian Missionary named “T.Joseph’s Hospices”in Chengalpattu transported an aged person body along with vegetables,
      People were suspicious about the missionary for long time,they heard that lot of aged people were died in mysteriously and their bones were sent abroad,”(refer Thanthi and other news channel dated 20/2/18)

      Pitty editor doesn’t have time write about them as he is busy with reading 1997’s Newspaper,

      Also he is curious about single person’s death as compared to lot of these mystery death.

      Hope Mr.Shankar will come up with article for the above news

      (Joseph nu per ah sonathula nala ipo comment la BJP SUPPORTER nu koovuvanga-kulla boys and others na BJP ila)

  18. Ashok says:

    Bunch of mindless robots from Isha foundation can be found in the comments. With literally nothing to say expect that God(/Con)Man Jaggi is an honest man

    To Mindless Robots from Isha Foundation,

    Prove your assertions with evidence & reasonable arguments. People dont care about your assertions outside of your Isha Foundation bubble. People care about evidence & arguments

    • Vikas Swami says:

      I wonder how you know that I am a mindless robot? First you need to see my Facebook page or meet me in person, then you can pass comments. Wonderful place to spend time isn’t it? I am here all by myself without any prejudice. Are you?

    • Anonymous says:

      what are you asking to prove? You haven’t proved anything either…. What you have posted is just news… not evidence of any kind. Question of evidence come when you have something to prove…. It’s a pity to see that so many times it has been said by SG that ashram is open to any kind of scrutiny but nobody has courage to provide even a single authentic evidence of any wrongdoing. People like you can only post your whims and frustrations by writing/supporting such article.

  19. Ratchakan says:

    I got a doubt whether, jaggi has a super cyber team to comment for all his post are some radical right wing people keen on savukku posts. First here, nobody said anything about hinduism, christianity or Islam its all about godman. Even though some people hate him, u dnt want to give up because of his religious. But sadhguru is intelligent he doesnot fit into any religion. He likes to have all customers sorry slaves sorry followers to worship him. His teachings will be damn good, he will never ever use any god name but the ultimate thing he will do is to initially like his teachings. Then later u will start love his teachings, then based on your involvement u will be used by the foundation then they will make u to worship him as god’s avatar. Irrespective of religion, people get attracted to him. Only good one is he is not so dumb as nityanandha. People who supports bjp or Modi bhakts please make sure he like to have all slaves sorry followers.

  20. Prem says:

    Inspite of such factual proofs we will have educated idiots putting sombhu for Jagadeesh and thats the sad state of this country…

    • Anonymous says:

      Not alone for Jagadeesh but also people who supports Islams and Christians whom they calling them as tamilans,

      Otha dei , epdi da neenga tamilan nu soluving cheran cola pandayan la evan da Christian islam,

      Adima patu antha religion ku marirukinga,
      inimel evanchu avanugala tamilanu soli sombu adikathinga

      • Prem says:

        dei nee loosa ille mentala (both are same though)… I am a Hindu and i have the democracy in this religion to question jokers like Jagadeesh against whom umpteen proofs have been given but he is escaping via this corrupt political system Why should i give a damn for stupidities in islam and christianity, if the people who follow those religions dont have the democracy to question its stupidities let them go to ruins…
        one more thing, pls understand the basic difference between Innam (based on ur language) and matham (which is just your belief) probably a bjp mental like you would never understand this…

        • Ratchakan says:

          Super thalaiva

        • Anonymous says:

          Yean da arivaali,
          Ithula enga da BJP vanthuchu,

          Un pondati oodi pona kuda BJP nu soluva da,

        • Anonymous says:

          Dei arivali,

          Innam matham um porapula varathu,

          Tamil innathoda adayalame nama hindu matham tha,
          Tholkapiyathula Shivan tha da irukaru,
          Entha Christian islam irunthuchu,

          Kena thanama rendu vera nu pesara,

          Those Foreign religion(Ne solra matham(belief)) enslaved our Innam,

          Un innam oda adayalatha alichavanga da avanuga,
          Un Innam oda ilakayathula “Aathiyum anthamum Shivane” nu thu iruku,

          Itha puriyama veranu pesaraye,
          Un innam na ena nu purinchuko,un innatha ah alikaravanga yarunu therinchuko

  21. Krishna says:

    This is ignorance! I am in the legal profession, and have looked into the functioning of the Isha Foundation closely, as requested by these so called “activists”. The allegations were found to be baseless, and purely intended for the defamation of Mr. Jaggi Vasudev. The publisher of this article should be fined for spreading such false and baseless news, with false figures.

    • Ratchakan says:

      Ha ha ha, what is legalization, converting bad things into right things based on some strict rules with flaws right ? So whatever our jaggi is perfect donation. fine legally correct so why he wants to collect money for mahashivaratri what is that range from 500 to thousands. if am giving 500 can i meet jaggi can i watch him closely. His spiritual dance moves, will i get a chance to do that. Figures may be false but the article is hyder ali period article. Where are u krish ? this is very old news.

    • Rajan says:

      Let Krishna produce the environment approval given by the govt for constructing the huge ashram in the midst of forest and in the hills.Let him prove the allegations regarding IT evasion baseless.Let him also explain the medicinal properties in the Sooriya Kuntam water and why a teenager died in the Kuntam?You are only defending the culprit without any proof.

  22. ரிஸ்வான் says:

    ஒருவன் தவறு செய்கிறான், அதையே திரும்பவும் செய்கிறான், அதுவும் கடவுளின் பெயரால் செய்கிறானென்றால், அதிலும் சில லட்சம் பேர்களை தன்னுடைய கட்டுப்பாட்டில் வைத்துக்கொண்டு அவர்களையும் அத்தவறு செய்வதற்கு உந்துகிறானென்றால், அந்த முட்டாள் எருமை மாட்டு மந்தைகளின் ஒத்துழைப்பில்லாமல் ஜட்டி வாசுதேவால் மட்டுமே முடியுமா??

    மக்களின் அறிவு என்னானது??

    அவர்களெல்லாம் புத்தி சுவாதீனமில்லாதவர்களா??

    • Anonymous says:

      Intha ulagathil nadakum kolaikal pala islam pinpatruvorkalal matume nadakirathu,
      aatharam seithi thaalai parkavum,

      Makal buthi suvathinam ilathavarkal thaan,
      Intha kolaikara Islam ,nabi enum pee thini pondorgalai vitu vaitharkal,athu nal than un pondra pee thini payalugal pesikonduiruarirgal,
      Un muppatan oru koolai bayanthu matham mari ulan,
      Ninavi vaithu kol intha manai aandror Islam ala,
      Islam enum arakargal amaithiyaga iruntha intha boomiyil nulainthu un mupaatanai adimaipaduthi avanai matham matra vaithatgal,
      Ithai purinthu kondu buthi suvathinam ilatha ne un mupatanuku mupatan pinpatriya mathathuku maru muttale,

      Islam enum Matham endru aliyuma ,apothu ulagathil amaithi malarum,

      Un muppatan petra adaimai mathathai vitu ne veliya va,

  23. Anonymous says:

    If u can’t understand u would just spread rumors… Pls understand the intention what jaggi vasudave is coming to say to Tis world

  24. Anonymous says:

    there is more to be told about good things in a bad way….. By if u really understand something more then u would agree

  25. Vivekanandan says:

    Billionaire Jaggi vasudev is a con Artist. A small time crook became a richest man thanks to his Fraudulent acts, political clout, yoga training skills and marketing. Daily his paid coolies are uploading around 100+ nonsense videos so that he can enrich his daughter and grand children. Criminal Jaggi mission is swindle the lands and grab important heritage places for Yoga Center and become Center ambassador of Yoga

    Visit Jaggi ashram
    Watch Jaggi and his daughter luxurious lifestyle
    Check Jaggi asset values. He is not paying Income tax
    check daily youtube jaggi video upload numbers

    • Anonymous says:

      at least do not copy paste youtube comments, come up with something new every time you feel like writing, am sure you know what it is called. And for the comment on youtube, i have seen the video in mute, I haven’t come across anything that the comment points to, may be failing eye of a 45 years old, apologies…

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Vivekanandan – atleast have the creativity to come up with some new allegations. The old ones, like those posted in this article and by you are already refuted multiple times….

  26. Anonymous says:

    How much money did you get for writing this? Keep your palm on heart and tell would this article or money you got would do any good to you or your family or society? Grow up.. Attend inner engineering program.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You can’t stop this wonderful work to the humanity. It’s waste of your time only. U being a dog, u might get some biscuits from the missionaries. Keep barking. Everyday thousands of people visiting the ahsram. Oru mayira kuda pudunga mudiyarhu

    • valmiki says:

      Clearly you showed your and your master jaggi culture in your words

      • Shila says:

        Ignorance is bliss for people like you. Rerunning same old stories which have no standing has become a money minting project fir you may be. I can only say one thing about you and people like u..’kalithai ariyumo katpoora vaasanai’. So you know what you are now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh you think missionaries are involved in such dirty work!!!
      Remember when there was noone to help..they have sacrificed their lives and loved ones to build hospitals schools and colleges
      They have left their luxurious life for the sake of ailing people and have helped them
      Unlike these selfish self styled godmen!!!

  28. geetha says:

    Knowing a Guru is not an ordinary thing. Unfortunately in this land, which once called the Guru to the whole world, a genuine Guru is defamed.
    First of all those who makes the charges, attend atleast the basic program and understand there are things beyond their five senses and the mind and how easily and effectively it is made understandable to the people.
    It is called donation because the money received is spent for the people only. They have taken up so many rural projects and amount received is spent for that. No profit.
    It should be noted, not out of compulsion but voluntarily those who can afford, come and make use of the programs.
    Those who refuse to know one’s interiority
    cannot understand it. Kindly let them first do the class.
    He is beyond understanding by any body. He doesn’t call himself a God. He says everybody is that. His only concern is to make everybody realise it. Out of His unfathomable compassion he is untiringly working.
    The person who makes this comment can come out openly and make himself clear. He is for everybody.

    • valmiki says:

      Billionaire Jaggi lives only for his daughter and rich son-in-law

      • Shila says:

        Talk is cheap man. Give evidence. It shows your mind and mentality. You harbour such ambitions! But you have no ability or capacity. You are one empty tin making noise…?

        • valmiki says:

          First learn english then learn talk about your Jatti vasudev

        • Evidence. Just look around. Mine and many other families are devastated with their members brain-washed for Isha’s volunterring!!

          My sister hasn’t spoken a word to me since 2008.

          I went there only to be greeted by a namaste with head turned side-ways.

  29. Baskaran says:

    Absolutely nonsense. Old issues already settled issues are shown once again as if new. It clearly indicates the motive . Any how , you can’t do such cruel things that was done to Jesus. But you can get satisfied by doing such meagre things. Sathguru blessings.

  30. Anonymous says:

    all ur allegations r fake. get out of ur false.

  31. Ajai says:

    This is article is trash ,Sadguru is a Yogi , this article is pulp fiction, intended to miss guide , Sadguru reminds us and make us proud of our culture naturally few can’t digest it ,also some paid agents are there to destroy our culture and our Guru’s ,Can anyone can provide a substantiated evidence against Isha .

  32. Anonymous says:

    what a rubbish article… what ever they have said in this article is hoax… don’t read this article such a waste of time.. these are fake activist. they always lie… don’t trust these kind of activist.. they are sold to some one… there aim is only to defame isha and sadhguru nothing else.. waste article.. ah ha better luck next time you morons…

  33. Anonymous says:

    did sadhguru ever say that he is a godman? why didn’t you talk about rally for rivers and other good things that he is involved?

  34. Arun Prakash says:

    All are true . Don’t support fake Jaggi

    • Ashish singh says:

      Plz also tell whom u support , u am sure whatever name u take , i can tell how fake he is as putting allegations is the easiest thing to do in the world.

    • Shila says:

      Don’t think everyone is an idiot like you not to know who is fake! Go check your brains

  35. Murugan says:

    Religion is the opium of the masses. Melmaruvathur people are also able to market themselves so well. No further news about raids that took place. People are gullible and they are exploited. Period.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Nature is green plants but even t poisonous plant is also t same green, the good n bad s with everything.wt green is not only nature humans r also nature in modified ways.
    Some who slam Isha act like ty know everything in tis world n even t lives of plp who follow Isha n judge them in their own ways.
    M quite sure ty least don’t know t hell I was experiencing in my life before mediatation,no one knows it other than myself.
    Before meditating I was not open minded n thought Isha is bad jus hearing from someone but later some how cos of depression I started Isha kriya mediatation.
    With mediatation in my life I don’t experience heaven but t hell within me is simply gone.
    The slam n critics can make plp think it’s bad n not follow it we dunno wt others r gng through if it’s hell then we make them continue in hell so that we can go to heaven after death ?
    Hell n heaven are state of mind not a place to visit.
    Meditation is bringing our consciousness to our breath n over a certain period of time it can be developed n our whole existance can be felt as light as air n even more.
    Plp may say good or bad but experience from anyone cannot be withdrawn, it is t truth.
    I know plp who practice Osho mediatation ty don’t slam Isha ty don’t spread the good or bad abt it,cos ty know t value of it. Only those who don’t practise any can spread the bad.

  37. Amit singh says:

    The writer has mixed some false statement along with real facts to confuse people,it is totaly biased and shit.

  38. C Vijayakumar says:

    Now a days anybody who is having good command over English and a bit of knowledge in so called Vedas and puranas can fool the people anyway.

  39. Bhupendra says:

    Its a poor fiction…no facts…just maligning a Being who is working tirelessly and selflessly for raising human consciousness beyond the barriers of race, religion, caste and ethnicity. ..all fraudulent allegations here have no evidence. You should write fiction not news articles

  40. Prabhu Karuppaiah says:

    By simply watching his videos and reading his boos, we may conclude that he is a well biased and secular state person. But they way his ashram is running and
    treating their devotees by charging…. so worried. We common people are running behind money by sacrificing our real life but why they are also doing the same?

    • Shila says:

      tty run your own home without money… then tell me about this. Unless you live on a tree top and eat soil mud and grass

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha good fctional read

  42. Thaha says:

    please publish in tamil

  43. Nagarajan says:

    இங்கு எல்லாவற்றையும் அடுத்தவனோடு ஒத்து பார்த்தால் கூடாது.
    ஈஷா பெயரில் நடக்கும் தவறுகளை சுட்டி காட்டினால் அதை திருத்தி கொள்வது தான் சரியானது.
    அதை விடுத்து வெறுப்பின் பால் அவனை / இவனை ஒத்து பார்த்து, நான் சின்ன கெட்டவன் என்று
    கூறுவது சரியன்று. ஈஷாவின் தவறான நடவடிக்கையை மட்டுமே சுட்டி கட்டி இருக்கிறது கட்டுரை.

    நன்கொடையை கணக்கு காட்டி முறையான வரி கட்டினால், நாடு நலம் பெரும் ..

  44. Shankar says:

    Savukku, While you write about any politician or film artist or a sport person, you will get criticism or probably appreciation sometimes. But if you attempt to write about Industrialist, Godmen or a Women you land up in getting up only Criticisms .

    You cannot comment on Baba Ramdev, Ravi Shankar, Jaggi Vasudev as they are considered above God. Above all, you will be charged with anti-Hindu, as these people are connected . At least Mr.Ravi Shankar and Mr.Baba Ramdev are not into illegal activity as Jaggi. One has to go , witness, read and verify and validate the documents and the documentary evidence you are producing or available at Coimbatore and Chennai. In the name of Religion, these guys are Branding , Selling God and Religion so cheaply. You have perfectly worded it as “Claimed Adiyogi”.
    If anyone who has learnt Veda, Upanishad, Ramayana, Maha Bharatha, Bhagavad Gita, they would understand whether Jaggi is practicing religion or insulting the practices of Religion. Swami Vivekananda practiced Religion called Hinduism. he has exploited the poor people in the first place. Also, HR & CE department has also been taken for the encroachment.
    Your voice, text and the article will never be heard, as Vijay Mallya, Lalith Modi, Neerav Modi, Jaggi type of people are blanketed by Law and Crime is masked for them.

    • Ashish singh says:

      I don’t think u follow Baba ramdev or Sri Sri as both of them also had their share of allegations. Pls also be proactive abt Christian and Muslim godman , or u think they r the best ones.

      • Shankar says:

        Sir, I truly Agree with your reply and appreciate. I practice Hinduism and embrace other good Religious and Spiritual faiths. I have travelled 90 countries so far and all I could see and state, is that we should keep firstly what we practice in order and discipline. If this is not in order, we cannot comment about other religion or seers or Godmen. Also, I do not know much on allegations on Baba Ramdev or Ravi Shankar. For me, everyone is common as per law and no one should sell or use Religion or Spiritual values for Politics or Business. That is all what I had wanted to state here. Thanks again

    • Dipak Basu says:

      How did Swami Vivekananda exploit the poor?

  45. செல்வராஜ் says:

    Mr. Sankar, Is it written by you? I am sorry.
    If you listen to this person, with out any bias, you will realize the truth. I feel he is an ‘enlightened’ man. ‘Problem’ is he ‘wants’ to ‘achieve’ some thing in this world. To do so he thinks if he changes people in power etc then the world would become a better place in a ‘quicker’ manner. His so called ‘unlawful’ acts are similar to plat form vendor’s illegal squatter. காட்டில் ஒற்றைஅடிப் பாதைபாதையில் வலது புறம் நடந்து செல்பவனைப் பார்த்து,keep left, you are doing unlawful activity, என்று சொல்வது போல் உள்ளது..

    By the way I read the recent book written by you. Great!

  46. Siva says:

    I would like you to expose Christian and Muslim Trust’s Scam’s Also.
    Would like to have article about Christian Trust like Karunya University,
    If you don’t it will shows
    That these media can’t tolerate the growth of Hindus,
    And Try to Spoil the image of those Hindus Trust under the influence of Christians and Muslims,
    Every town in India has Christian Trust’s doing lot of scams.
    Show your patriot for media by exposing them also

    • Rajan says:

      You people used to say that Hinduism is followed by majority Indians.First reform yourself before reforming others.You should take bath for removing the dirt on your back.You are asking others to take bath.

      • Cva says:

        Exactly what I said,Rajan
        Christian and other religious trust were the first to start scam,which motivates others to do this also.

        Our rulers done mistake by promoting them,
        And one more thing, those are talking against Hindus must remember that their fore father’s spineless humans,who coverted to other religion for the fear on those foreigners at their time,

        You fore fathers were born Hindus,
        Ruled by our tamil kings,
        Converted to other religion under fear,

        The kings that ruled the land are not Christians and Muslims,
        We doesn’t want to lose ourself again to those blood suckers

  47. Siva says:

    I would like you to expose Christian and Muslim Trust’s Scam’s Also.
    Would like to have article about Christian Trust like Karunya University,
    If you don’t it will shows
    That these media can’t tolerate the growth of Hindus,
    And Try to Spoil the image of those Hindus Trust under the influence of Hindus and Muslims,
    Every town in India has Christian Trust’s doing lot of scams.
    Show your patriot for media by exposing them also

  48. GNana says:

    தமிழில் வெளியிட்டிருந்தால் நன்றாக


  49. Sampath says:

    This matter contains documentary evidence. I really appreciate your efforts of work

  50. Vasudevan says:

    No religious organization is an exception to the misuse of the benefits.

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