Chew, Spit & Bury – The anatomy of gutkha scam.

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6 Responses

  1. Arun says:

    KK sasidharan.. thoo.. how you became a judge? unbelievable

    Do you have any idea how many youths were killed due to Gutkha?

  2. Padmanaban says:

    Very well done Bro. Keep it up and stay strong. We should send these criminals to Puzhal.

  3. Balaji says:

    i feel this verdict given to check the Governor case on MKU university.. Its like if you investigate, i will also investigate fully.. Cat and Mouse game..

  4. baskaran says:

    தமிழில் மொழியில் மாற்றம் தந்தால் குட்கா விவகாரம் விபரமாக புரியும்

  5. Scorpio says:

    It is your article which exposed . 1. CBI will do nothing better as VIJAYABASKAR said to have made deal with SHAH long back 2. GRS was on the KK sasidharan Bench and it was a big jolt to his impeccable reputation. 3. There is no further reporting about RADHAKRISHNAN’s role or the raid at that time 4. IN the english paper interview the governor seems to have told, I’m yet to read as I dont know which paper has done it, there is no prima facie against charges against ministers. of the govt… after seeing this verdict doesnt he remind us NAGMA pukazh Bhishma narain singh from BIHAR? He seems to make tall claims about his reputation in Nagpur…. I too didnt beleive when u mentioned about Rajagopal and I was told he was very very simple ….. I dont think this present governor may give us a ruling like PC alexander who brought some order in the system in 88-89….

    He sails along it seems for some special reasons…..

  6. Balaji says:

    Kudos to you bro. Let us see if the CBI does a fair investigation or it behaves as a caged parrot.

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