Salem 8 Lane – Road to Perdition – Part III

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Real development lies in the betterment of the common man. While people struggle for good food, hospital and education, what’s the need for smoothing roads for luxury cars. why don’t the government improve the railways for better transportation?

  2. @Karuvur_Sri says:

    If the state can acquire land fast, then project will be put on fast track mode… I guess thats the reason. Without even doing proper feasibility study and EIA, this government wants a mega project to its ‘name’ before 2021 LA election, provided if they stay in power till that time.

  3. @Karuvur_sri says:

    Good analysis. Please see if you can get access to Highway capacity Manual released on Feb12th as well for PCU details. I believe it can be bought from I dont know who the hell concieved this project through forest area which will cause irreversible damage. @Karuvur_Sri

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