Salem 8 Lane  – Road to Perdition – Part IV

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  1. @Karuvur_Sri says:

    Exactly, The TOR is granted for Banglore-Chennai expressway only.. Actually am wondering why that is mentioned in Salem proposal EC request. Is that a mistake? Did you also see another document for namesake attached which says effort made to consider alternative routes … just 3 to 4 lines. Thats it. Actually no possible re alignment effort is being made here. If you check the distance between salem and chennai the shortest distance between them would be 277 kms considering its latitude and longitude. The cost per km seems to be 25-30 crores as per contracts given to Feedback Infra. So the shortest distance seems to be in terms of budget and cost consideration, rather than time saving and fuel saving options. Yes its for freight movement, but why was the Chennai-Madurai corridor changed to Salem-chennai expressway and thru forests and agri lands. In assembly, yesterday, CM talks as if laying marker stones is equal to Land acquisition, what an absurd thing to say. All these EC and FC clearances – are these also for namsake considering the fact its central government project all over India. Infact FC is not even claimed till now for Salem expressway project. Without considering alternate alignment suggested why are they bent on laying stones in a path/route suggested by Feedback Infra.

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