Nageswara Rao IPS : CBI’s black sheep

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10 Responses

  1. Dhananjay says:

    Ohh, What a slippage of faith in the dignity of mighty CBI. Feeling Sad.
    Why dont these people be satisfied with whatever they get and by giving service to common people of Bharat. !

  2. Ikram Syed says:

    Excellent exposure. Very good investigative journalism with factual presentation. Congratulations. Please take this exposure to logical end by knocking doors of High Court or Supreme Court. Surely, they will not be able to dismiss the case as the evidence in your hands is based on hard facts.

    Also, please post about similar cunning and corrupt deals of a recent Jt.Director of CBI, Su Arunachalam. This Su Arunachalam has been repatriated to his parent cadre (Tamil Nadu) but is facing various vigilance cases for his role in liquidating many criminal cases when he was JD, ACB, CBI, Chennai. He needs to be thoroughly probed for the vast wealth amassed by him. Even now, while in his present posting in Tamil Nadu,he is as indulgent as he was in CBI.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cvc chowdary, &venkaiah naidu r of kamma caste in ap. then this new cbi chief nageswara rao also appears to b kamma caste fellow., IT IS UNIVERSALLY KNOWN FACT THAT, VENKAIAH NAIDU 7other chowdarys are highly castist (kammakulagajji) &highly corrupt,, they supported&helped this nageswara rao, as he too belongs to same caste… as luck always helped, corrupt c.b naidu(ap cm), this new cbi fellow becomes black sheep &helps cbn. modi foolishly brought him.

  4. Jagan says:

    Excellent sir. happy to see that there are people like you, controlling people like Mr.N.Rao. if people like you were not there.. then there could be more officers like Mr.N.Rao. shame on Mr.Venkaiah Naidu to promote such officers like Mr.N.Rao to higher posts. Not sure, what benefits Mr.Venkaiah Naidu got in return. Thorough investigation should be done into the involvement of Mr.Venkaiah Naidu too.

  5. Bhanwarlal Sharma says:

    This is the result of incessant endevour and harwork relentlessly done to unearth corruption made on the behest of highly placed political masters who mired the whole system of investigation and justice even in CBI, CVC & Apex Court, finally degraded the insitutions & quagmired.

  6. Anonymous says:

    now he become no1

  7. Prem says:

    unfortunately Venkiah Naidu is the Vice President of India and is mentioned as close to Super Star Nageshwar Rao and those who know India (even a little) for sure will know Nageshwar Rao will live his life happily.

  8. Prem says:

    unfortunately Venkiah Naidu is the Vice President of India and is mentioning as close Nageshwar Rao and those who know India (even a little) for sure will know Nageshwar Rao will live his life happily.

  9. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    Mr Shankar,

    Really wonderful.

    You and your team worked hard to knee down the VGN and Mr Rao / Black Sheep of CBI.

    Wish you success in all the occasions by the mercy of the Almighty.

  10. Scorpio says:

    Indha han thambi unge field. Real Original stroy…….Mathavang vaandhi yai mozhi perkurathu ellam waste..Udappile podunga adhai ellam…….. Great work..Great perseverance . Dedication….. Almost all Administration and judiciary seems to be indulged in corruption with impunity. One IG income-tax once told had it not been taping the phone of a criminal inside the prison [ reddy brothers trying to get bail in which a judge was caught talking] the entire judiciary would have shouted from roof top and would have made the govt to kneel on its four. Mothamum azhugi poi kitakku….. enna operation panninalum noi thiirumaanne theriyalai. Modi , as Auditor Gurumurthy called the ADMK boys, seems to be an IMPOTENT when it comes to dealing with corruption….Try to write about how he is NOT able to do anything against his own Finance Ministry and legal rascals who save PC. If that is not called IMPOTENT what else can be?

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