Muthukumaran Medical College : The endless scam

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  1. hari says:

    “c) Clinical material is inadequate on the day of assessment. OPD attendance was 620 and bed occupancy was 60%.

    d) Histopathological & Cytopathological workload are inadequate.

    e) On the day of assessment, there were only 2 patients each in SICU & RICU. There was no patient in PICU.”

    Exit exam must be conducted for the students graduating from this college

    • Dr.Dinesh says:

      It’s true, I’m an an alumnus here, they charged high fee, dint have facilities, they even made us write fake cases for MCI, they haven’t given stipend also the caution deposit which we paid during admission of one lakh isnt being returned, they are unfit to run a colllege now, they have pg courses running past one year,, dont know how govt is being so corrupt

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Venkat says:

    Savukku Sankar sir,

    I remember you have written articles on Suicide happend in IIT in the past. Now a Similar news came from SRM College ,as a student committed suicide . Its 3rd within a month as reported by News Link is shared below

    I know you supported DMK during General Election . With SRM Head being one of the MP’s ,your responsibility is so high to identify whom you support as what has happened why this chain is happening. Will you do it Sir.

  4. Ganesan says:

    We are normal citizens of Chennai without knowing any VIPs or any Influential persons.
    But we got admission in Vani Vidyalaya School in a simple way. If you consider other schools we can not get admission without any influence,
    Let the owner of this group do whatever the way to make such school, but we are benefitial.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Filthy rich parents” aam …. tha govt vazhiya vandha nangalaam kannuku theriyalaya? If yu re unaware abt the medical admissions in TN thn go to play school nd learn something…. otha vantan periya aal atam

  6. Adho-Reddy says:

    Nan vizhuven endru nenaithayo???

  7. Anonymous says:

    Any review about Spiderman – Far from home ?

  8. Anniyan says:

    Inspite of getting many self financing medical clg I chose personally this clg because of its fee structure and its location!!! Do u think that big clgs with best infrastructure produce best doctors, if u don’t know anything about med clgs and curriculum na just shut the fuck up and post something related to pornography and how to increase penis size !!! Adha vitttutu vandhutan clg a pathi poduradhuku!!!
    Nangalum Neet la mark Eduthutu govt nadathuna counselling vazhiya thaan da vandhu irrukom , deemed University illa idhu first adha therinjiko;!
    Perusa vantan 🖕 corruption pathi pesanuma muditu poi tasmac , govt clgs , politics nu podu!!! Clg pathi Kuda podu but yella clgum ozhungu marriyum indha clg mattum thaan thirutu Vela pannura marriyum podatha 🖕 first gain some proper knowledge about what you are posting da madharchod 🖕🖕🖕

    • Anti indian says:

      Clinical material is inadequate on the day of assessment. OPD attendance was 620 and bed occupancy was 60%.

      Histopathological & Cytopathological workload are inadequate.

      On the day of assessment, there were only 2 patients each in SICU & RICU. There was no patient in PICU.

      Otha unnaku lam exit exam vecha dan azhagu teriyum…fraudu college dubaguru hospital la internship padichitu periya thai oli madiri pesura..thu

  9. Kunjumani says:

    Reddy be like ,Trisha illana Oru Divya ,charu illana Oru meena 😂

  10. Anonymous says:

    The very fact that you’re blaming the “filthy rich parents ” shows the sort of peanut size brain you’ve got there and how much little you know how neet works . You can’t blame those students and their parents for the mess that the government couldn’t clear . If you still think muthukumaran students are incompetent , 50% of the students are filled based on their percentiles . Most of these students have way higher percentiles of other mainstream , popular college’s students that you might be visiting . You just judged a book by its cover and your points are extremely biased and hell bent to wreck this college in spite of being a blogger or whatever you call yourself . I suggest you understand how the system works and also take iodine and Omega 3 supplements to enhance brain functions . Have a good one -iso

  11. Anonymous says:

    Adhooo reddy

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lavde ke baaaaaal

  13. Anonymous says:

    Many students from financially unstable backgrounds have also got admission through self financing quota. They missed out the government seat by a small margin due to reservation. They are somewhat benefitted by this fees. Closure of this college would destroy their dream.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Savukku Sankar sir,

    Please keep doing your good work with exposing these kind of Scams. Also request you to translate to Tamil as it will reach many readers apart. Good job sir,

  15. Anonymous says:

    Suitable and stringent action has to be taken against MCI, TN Dr MGR medical university and all officials who connects with this scam

  16. Anonymous says:

    Savukku has exposed a big scam about muthukumaran medical college well. This medical college should be closed immediately.

    • Anonymous says:

      Steps are being taken to reform the conditions. Do not play with the lives of students. Sootha mooditu irunga da dei

      • Anonymous says:

        If you do not ACT not, the student of now, will play with lives of the people after 5 years.

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