Continuous contempt and a callous government

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3 Responses

  1. Agnel Rajan says:

    Will the DMK Government adopt the JEPPIAR drive yardstick against SASTRA varsity illegal encroachment?

  2. karthik says:

    Savukku Shankar

    In your list of Educational Reasoned Encroachment, Education Business Commodity Ventures selling, armtwisting of Law you should address it as Education Industry personalities and not from Political standpoint.

    a. SRM Pachaimuthu – how did the law allow him to contest the election ?
    b. Bharath University Jagathrakshagan – Same ?
    c. Dr.MGR Deemed University
    d. Crescent University – The Chancellor Mr.Arif Buhari is part of a body UEF for which his brother Mr.Ahamed Buhari is in the High Post. That forum was having a summit last December 2018 in which OPS and M.C. Sampath were Guests of Honour. Crescent team is in the midst of IT raid and non compliance and they even have some lands mentioned by you.
    e. Madha College
    f. Meenakshi group Mr.A.N.Radhakrishnan – which you had earlier published. Why cant Govt take over this than claiming all over . The Students, People should not suffer and they should realise.

    Everything is politically motivated or in political system. So from a common man perspective it gains momentum but nothing stops them.

  3. Sabakshy says:

    Don’t challenge EPS often.

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