The tale of two resignations

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  1. Kailash says:

    Very sad to hear that Judiciary is being handled in shameful manner as per the wishes of few individuals , Current CJ Tahil Ramani should have been promoted to SC long back and she was just assigned CJ In charge post in Mumbai HC and then she was promoted as CJ of Chennai HC , just because she acted on her own and based on the merits of case and as per the expectations of constitution forces have worked hard and punished her by transferring to a smaller court . Whats the necessity of transfer ? Why such a humiliation to a Judge who has served for such a long time ? She has shown her guts by resigning from the post rather than accepting the humiliation . When her fellow judges are begging for posts after retirement like panel head and governorship she has shown them the class by standing straight . Officers like her needs to be appreciated by public and judiciary so that more courageous officers will emerge else we will get officers without spine who will work as per the wishes of powerful ones .

  2. Dr S Babu says:

    I endorse the request of aloy

  3. aloy says:

    please present your articles with dark and bold fonts, it will help to
    read without glare.

  4. Jeyanthpeter says:

    சார், தமிழிலும் பதிவிடுங்கள்..

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