CAA: இப்போது பேசாமல் எப்போது பேசுவது?

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8 Responses

  1. shajahan says:

    i accept ur view and thoughts heartfully and warm eyes .

  2. R.Chellathurai says:

    Dear Savukku, Be always neutral. and judicial. What is the population of India.? Is it possible to give asylum to all refugees from all over the world? The opposition are playing vote bank card in this issue. If a section of Muslims are being ill treated then what all other muslim countries and Muslim populations are doing? Do they raise their voice? If BJP government is asking any proof from the indian muslims to continue their stay in India it is all right. But why the Government should not ask identity or regulate the stay in India? The saftey of the common innocent people of India is more important than any other thing. who is DMK ? Are they our leader? Ask DMK to conduct agitation against Pakistan, if a section of Muslim are ill treated there? Did he aware of the ground reality of the Hindus in the hands of Muslims there? But ask him at least try to speak with out a paper pit in the stage. Don’t support DMK or congress or any other party in this issue.

  3. அன்பு says:

    அப்பா சவுக்கு..நீ தூங்கி வழிந்து இத்தனை நாள் கழித்து எந்த பக்கம் யாரு காசு கொடுப்பாங்கன்னு காத்திருந்து எழுதினா இப்படித்தான் அரைகுறையா இருக்கும். ஈழத் தமிழனுக்கு நாம் குடியுரிமை வழங்கினால் அது அவர்களின் அடிப்படை இலங்கை அரசுக்கு எதிரான போராட்ட நோக்கத்திற்கு நேரெதிர் இல்லையா? அதை நீர்த்து போக செய்யாதா? அரசியலுக்காக எதிர் கட்சிகள் முட்டாள்தனமாக எதிர்பதை நீங்கள் கண்மூடி ஆதரிப்பது உங்களையும் முட்டாளாய்த்தான் சித்தரிக்கும்.

  4. Dhanasekaran says:

    Don’t support BJP blindly. If you agree with this CAB, then what about our Srilankan Tamils who came from 1983 riots. Why they are eliminated? There is no answer for that. So don’t support blindly and think about in a broader view. Never forget the demonetization announcement and never forget about those 47 people died by standing in hot sun for days and nights and those who committed suicide. Never forget the Godhra incident and never forget or own Jallikattu & Sterlite protests. When Himachal Pradesh is having special status that outsiders cannot work and purchase land, then why it is removed for Kashmir? After Independence, Union territories like Goa and Pondicherry became States but this is a first time a State is transferred in to Union Territory. Why? It is not just because of terrorists, it is a targeted and systematic discrimination. First of all everyone should have equal democracy but unfortunately all the political leaders in Kashmir are under house arrest for more than 3 months? Are you afraid of opposition political leaders? Everyone should have a freedom to write & speak as long as it is not affecting someone else.

  5. Ganesh says:

    Sir I have not expected an uncooked story like this from you!! So biased view!! Illegal immigration would only lead to further detorriation of our soverignty and reduces government’s ability to serve our own citizens! The opposition have a vested interest with the illegal immigrants because of the vote banks politics!! Else there is no reason for these violent protests!! Students and the minorities are being used for their political interests!! Among the dead in the riots there is not even 1 political leader why?? Please do not add fuel into the fire!!

  6. Mohammed Abdul Kader says:

    Mr Subramaniam and Mr Mani. Can you explain what is wrong information in the article?. We need to provide proper arguments. Just denying all the arguments is not an argument.

  7. Subramaniam Sundaram says:

    Mr Shankar, please don’t spread lies. Read the Act carefully and get some proper legal advise before putting out comments

  8. Mani says:

    DMK Sombu savukku Shankar… already biased……please don’t spread false information about CAB……you are not going to die……appavigal thaan intha kalavarathal saga pokirigal……ungalathu posta padipathai vittu romba nalla akkuthu….

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