Who will bell this judicial cat ?

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6 Responses

  1. Kailash says:

    And these judges are questioning the politicians and bureaucrats for their inactions , they need to cleanup their house first . If they dont act upon complaints raised against fellow judge then rest gets boost and indulge in more such crimes

  2. satyapaul says:

    This is prevalent in every sector of this system

  3. Subramanyam R says:

    A lot can be said about judiciary.One definite aspect is radical judicial reforms are solicited at the earliest.Democracy can be best when judiciary is strong.

  4. Kannaiyan says:

    Non application of judicial mind and involving all back door dealings other than doing judicial duty as due process of Law and womanizing and what not irregularities is now dedicated work of judicial officers.if these judges’elevated to high court what would happen .like minded people should intensify the watchdog mode by lodging various modes of representation untill it is noticed and taken action

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hailing from Nilgiris, is this guy a Sanghi or a Brahmin ? Because cannot believe how this fellow could carry out such audacious acts in a communally and caste sensitive district like Thoothukudi.

    Keep your good work Sir, corruption is bad but more worse is assault on dignity of working women. Men like him should repent miserably, his children should know what kind of parent they have.

  6. P SAMPATH says:


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