An young entrepreneur takes on DMK’s scion

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  1. RESME R says:

    Idealists like yr childhood friend are not an exception in our state – they are the norm. With good intentions at heart but with unrealistic expectations!! Somehow at the end of it all invariably claim they never saw any of this coming and are very disappointed. Crazy but true. Happens all the time. DMK is famous for claiming it is not a SANKARA MADAM but what we all missed out in that statement was that Thiru MK was trying to be as truthful as he can. What he actually meant was that DMK is worse than SANKARA MADAM in that sense!! Can we fault him if we are tone deaf and cannot read between the lines. Right from buying a ring himself and giving it to Anna to have him give it to him back on stage, this hoodwinking has always been their hallmark and it has always worked, because most of us, apart from the devout sycophants, are either indifferent or clueless or both. Or else, could they have got away with the blatantly irresponsible Manaivi/Thunaivi concept and the whole family praying at umpteen temples while claiming the mantle of rationalism. Despite all this, if an avowed and accomplished professional like the current FinMin PTRT can just see the silver lining, however slim that maybe, and be swayed – where does that leave the rest of us??!!! Sincere hope is that they are a different lot this term. And that the Prince US does not run bonkers.

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