A mini IL&FS in the making in Tamil Nadu ?

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  1. Prashanth Chennadi says:

    Sir plz post about sterlite issues

  2. புதிய தகவல், நன்றி!

  3. Karthik says:

    Mr.Savukku Shankar, Appreciate your Investigative article and if this is true , this has to be set for investigation. Unfortunately, all your articles which produce facts and figures, presume your complete due diligence, ever since 2011 , has not been taken up for further action so far. Now atleast, you should bring it into the highlight of the Government to take appropriate action against such potential fraud. Again so far, no one has got any punishment in Tamilnadu for any such fraud except industrialist, common man for small crime, businessman of small time. Big Ticket political backed Potential criminals have never been into investigation also which is sad and bad.
    Examples are
    a. Land Grab cases
    b. Scam by SRM University where even Mr.Pachaimuthu was remanded
    c. FEMA case against Udhyanidhi Stalin in Hummer Car Case
    d. Flyover case against STalin and team where one Mr.sadiq basha suicided
    e. Income tax violation case against Jagathrakshagan case
    f. Sasikala accumulated the wealth with no income pattern. even now it is mystery. She has become a martyr like after her Jail Return. Shame on the followers
    g. What is Dinakaran income and his wealth, car collections, party operations, Where did the money pour ?
    h. ??????

    The list goes which can be published as a book. , It all stops with the party coming to power and now on Velumani, Edappadi, OPS, Thangamani, Benjamin, Nilofar kapil , Anwar Raja – top tier to be investigated on wealth building mystery.

  4. Baski says:

    When you drop in a couple of IAS folks, any business is doomed and ready for burial

  5. vijianna says:

    Sir Copy of transalated version will be helpfull. Please do Consider.

  6. A Jeevanandham says:

    What is the connection between IL&FS and TNIFMC . IL&FS purely private concern scale of scam is huge which shock the Indian share market.

    TNIFMC is the starter with mere investment of just ₹40 Crores as govt investment. As there is no outcome govt may close it immediately ,what is the point in continuing the failed institutions without any results

  7. Parthasarathy says:

    What a monumental fraud by the educated lot. Needs to be thoroughly investigated and action needs to be initiated as per the law.

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