Grand burial to the Gutkha scam ? A grave injustice by CBI.

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  1. John says:

    Does it means that this case needs a ‘revamped” Congress led government at least to give some hope for a fair trial?! With so much evidence in public & to hand, are the so called “powerful” can bend or obscure the very fabric of a democracy?
    This case is a real time example for a well overhauled government machinery with no remorse of whatsoever. Justice delayed is much more than justice denied, it’s a well proven tactics to safeguard the cold-blooded criminal syndicate & also to protect their accumulated ill wealth for generations to come. It appears as though if CBI has lost its very purpose in this world’s biggest democracy?
    Hats-off to @Savukku for this in-depth & investigative article, do keep up the fab work!

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