Beware, Brahminism is brimming to the brink

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  1. Vijay says:

    This author has tried to force an ideology by use of pompous language. We have now come to the point, in Tamilnadu, where Brahmins will be blamed even if there is water shortage or lack of electricity. Blaming a community for the behavior of a select few is utter nonsense. The title says that brahminism is brimming; I beg to differ. I think that Periyarism is brimming in Tamilnadu and mustvto curtailed to avoid clash among groups. I hold Savukku Shanker is high regard, but this is one area that remains a shortcoming of n him and his team’s approach.

  2. Kaduvetti says:

    Author’s hatered for brahmins well understood?Will this author write a n article criticising ( read abusing) other castes? Can’t expect so? Cowardice….

  3. Maama says:

    What is the difference between Hitler killing millions of people as they are Jews and this article which generalise everything since they belong to a group.

  4. Jambunathan says:

    Such a big article just of 2 insignificant people who are not at all influential.. Rise of BJP elsewhere is creating huge problems and consolidating all Anti-Brahmin Propaganda in TN.
    In reality, No common man Brahmin except one who are in politics like Raja or Sv Sekar making any noise. Unfortunately entire young Tamil crowd and normal people are now toxicated against Brahmins similar to 1950-60. Already 70% of Brahmin younger generations have left TN. Remaining low income Brahmins would not able to thrive here and most of them are bachelors not getting girls. So by 2040 or so there will not be any young Brahmins left out here and by 2060 they will be non existent. It would be interesting to see how DMK, DK all will continue to do Politics.

  5. says:

    DMK came to power first time citing Dravidian Rule and Superstitious Beliefs of Hindus and little poised on Anti Hindu ideology although the leaders hailed from Hindu community. Now Durga Stalin has done Ganapathy Homa using Brahmins on the day of swearing in of MK Stalin. DMK is cheating people and using Brahminism for cheap Politics by quoting K T Raghavan, Sumanth Raman, S.V.Shekar and these are not seasoned politicians. AP Govt quotation and citation to Tamilnadu is ridiculous. In Tamilnadu there were no scenario like this although Brahmins as per population are minorities. Brahminism has been dissolved with Political preamble of DMK although other community remains as political party like dalit to thiruma, vanniyar to pmk, kongu gounder with Mr.Thaniyarasu, devar wtih Mr.Karunas, Muslim [REligion] with different factions. DMK is ridiculed for being Anti Hindu and not for Aethestic approach. The author is completely lost in his objective to conclude his article although he has started with an objective.

  6. John says:

    Great use of vocabulary, astonishing! Reading this, I can’t stop being reminded of our own திருக்கறள்,
    “இன்னா செய்தாரை ஒறுத்தல் அவர்
    நாண நன்னயம் செய்துவிடல்”.
    I think from what I read, hear & see – these verses are too complex for a Brahmin’s well scripted mind to contemplate & appreciate. Their “high” shields have been shattered into pieces a long time ago , but they still pretend to hold it desperately, out of fear rather common sense. I hope that for many, people like Maridhas’ videos are only a fool’s talk, but you need to listen to it if you want to see the nuances they rope in to manipulate the truth.
    Let’s be Vigil among these scaremongers! Thank you…

  7. Anonymous says:


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