How to loot taxpayers money legally – Join TNIFMC

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  1. Navabharathi says:

    Dr.Mathiventhan has announced that a Private company Application is introduced to book Hotel Tamilnadu under Tamilnadu Tourism Development corporation. This belongs to a Chennai based startup which does not any reference. The Promoters Mr.Vinod Madavan and his co-director have a DMK Patron to get this order without any tender i which Mano Thangaraj and Dr.Mathivendan has a big hand of revenue sharing in this. DMK building Corruption as a Business. Already in Healthcare they are doing it, Education they are doing it, now Tourism they have started.

  2. Karthik says:

    Savukku Shankar, A Good Article after a long time probably after the first part of the same episode. Your investigative social journalism brought the change required in 2011 when you completely exposed everyone , again while you exposed in 2016, it was scape through for ADMK and came back. Now either corrupt and/or tainted Ministers’ or inexperienced/immatured Ministers’ with the same set of bureaucrats. What if they are sacked, and what happens to the money paid to them.
    a. Vaccination to 100,000 persons – Rs.150 earlier and now Rs.900+-1400+ – Rs.9,00,00,000 – can be given free
    b. Govt School infrastructure development can be done from the MLA and MP funds but swallowed by them
    c. Healthcare infrastructure in Rural development can be done from MLA and MP funds but again swallowed
    d. Cinema Black money – why it is not checked or brought to Law
    e. Politicians’ wealth – to be announced month on month on Television or channel for people of that constituency to know the increase
    f. MLA, MP, Ministers’ forget that they are people representatives and think that they are God sent messengers

    Excellence Article Shankar.

  3. Karthik Ramasami says:

    The ultimate punch would be the 2 lines before the last line, proof of those lines is the continuation of the corrupt Radhakrishnan as a health secretary, wonderful and marvellous espionage, congrats bro….

  4. anandhjii says:

    This is the glimpse of so-called Hindutva Rule in future.

  5. James P says:

    As usual a well-investigated article. Without this article, most of us would have known the nexus of few people who mismanage and take enormous funds from the government resources. Government should initiate a high-level enquiry.

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