Media persons’ eerie silence is frightening

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2 Responses

  1. Jai says:

    Sir, while I am totally with you on this issue, i do think you should not have said ‘we consider sex workers as dignified human beings when compared to H Raja.’ sex Workers are dignified human beings like any of us. There is no need to compare them with the tone, ‘even sex workers’. I have pointed to many authors about the use of the term Pariah in many English articles and they have apologised and corrected themselves. While they may not understand the real depth of the word but just superficially use it, we need to be remembering the pain it causes us. I think we are doing the same mistake with the tone we have used for sex workers in this article. Would be happy to see it corrected.

  2. KKD says:

    Pa Ranjith is a prachchanna sanghi. His and sanghi ideals intersect at a point.

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