What the local body poll results mean for TN political parties ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    May Like to Consider to Note the Below All : –
    although ALL the existing youtube videos – (those of his videos were & are be for the awareness of ALL the voters’ / general public / videos’ viewers’ ) – of one of the our Tamil Journalists Mr. Ayyanathan about the
    EVMs+VVPATs, and including his book with the title of “Vaakku Enthira Soolchchi, Makkalaatchiyin Veelchchi”,
    the ALL the existing print and electronic medias’ many news articles, newsclips, videos about the EVMs+VVPATs matters since/from the inception of these machines in our India,
    and also despite ALL the “still pending for further hearings court cases” about the serious issues related to the EVMs+VVPATs ,
    particularly in view of the very firm/strict stand of the ECI also , >>>
    hereafter in/for the upcoming days also , >>>
    we , all the Indian Voters + citizens >>> have to see the unavoidable some below facts >>>
    All the upcoming elections will ALSO be conducted “only through the EVMs+VVPATs machines” ,
    which includes in/for in the important elections such as the General Elections plus AlL States’ Assembly(s)’ Elections , AND
    everyone already knew that the BJP political party is purely RSS backed + based,
    the RSS has many of its agenda, plans, schemes in/for our India,
    due to the continuous very tactful election+political strategies of the RSS+BJP,
    I also, without any other options, has to believe that
    maximum numbers of the political analysts already knew that the “only BJP+it’s alliances” will get further Wins as to be declared by the Elections Authorities
    in all the upcoming elections that will be SURELY conducted
    “only through the EVMs-VVPATs machines”,
    the future upcoming General Elections for 2024, 2029 onwards plus AlL the States’ Assembly(s)’ elections WILL NOT AT ALL be conducted through the erstwhile Ballot Paper Voting System

    In view of the above all, my personal wish & request to the BJP , to make fail of the all the criticisms about the BJP’s ALL previous Wins, plus to avoid the criticisms on the BJP’s future sure elections Wins,
    the bjp political party, at least hereafter, should contest in all the upcoming elections “only through Ballot Papers Voting System”, and for this purpose, the both RSS + BJP to immediately make a the repeated TRUE requests to the ECI to make them/ECI to truly announce that >>> all the upcoming future elections in our India will be conducted “only through Ballot Paper Voting System with adequate plus proper all security surveillance measures in each and every polling booth” .🙏

    Sorry to ALL of you , if you find any mistakes on the above my ALL 🙏🙏

  2. Thilak S says:

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  3. Ramakrishnan says:

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  4. Kumaraguru says:

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  5. Vivek says:

    Fine piece but bad ending… Stalin has proved as a charismatic leader by winning all elections under his leadership so far (MP, MLA & Local body). No vacuum in TN as Savukku says! It’s very tough to beat Stalin if he continues governance in same style.

  6. Vinolin says:

    Very detailed analysis of local body election

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