TN BJP President Annamalai’s plan to derail TN Republic Day celebrations and embarrass DMK –  A SAVUKKKU EXCLUSIVE

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  1. Antyaja Shudra says:

    பீ.ஜே.பீ…க்கு தமிழ் நாட்டு மக்கள் செருப்படி கொடுக்க வேண்டும்

  2. Chinnalagu Tolkapiyan says:

    Savkku Shankar has been tearing BJP TN Chief Tr. Annamalai’s face masks every often. Alas! leave him he will go for growing goats very soon.

  3. A Srinivasan says:

    The BJP HIGH COMMAND have committed a blunder in choosing this novice as president of TN BJP.
    Even he is unacceptable among the TN BJP.
    The best thing would be to recall him and choose persons like Mr. Narayanan.

  4. anvarsha says:

    Surprised to see that the comment contradicting the article being promptly removed!

  5. anvarsha says:

    //“BJP has been facing a series of setbacks for the past few weeks in Tamil Nadu. Anything they do or say turns out to be a flop show in Tamil Nadu.

    There are reports that the BJP high command in Delhi is unhappy with Annamalai because of his immature way of handling things in an important state like Tamil Nadu.

    Annamalai has been desperate to capture the attention of the high command and has been engaging in a series of activities to garner the attention of the national leadership. But all his efforts end up in a flop show and he becomes a butt of ok jokes on social media.//
    Actually, it is other way around. Most of the times, the DMK does not have valid answers to Annamalai’s questions. For example, take the ‘quality’ of pongal groceries distributed. Annamalai pointed out the poor quality and there are no answers. TR Balu says Petrol should be under GST and PTR says it should not be. Annamalai pointed out that and there is no answer from DMK. Udayanidhi promised everyone that all the jewel loan will be waived for all and now the government removed 80% of the applicants from the eligible list. Annamalai pointed out that and there is no answer from DMK.

    The preconceived notion shows up in the whole article!

    • Ephraim Bleson Noble says:

      No one says DMK is not corrupt, yes there is a problem with Pongal gifts as well! but, you see, it’s all just economic corruption problem. But, BJP plays a politics that is against Tamil people and social justice. They most probably planning to burn down Tamilnadu and win the election over the Ashes of it! Threatening TN Media, school kids, now finally fabricating a fake conversion story and making it viral with their massive social media influence! I’m sure even ADMK or NTK or congress or any party in Tamilnadu does these dirty politics which is detrimental to our society! Your comment just shows how preconceived and venomous ur heart is to support a group that is plotting to cause violence(something like Gujarat riot) on our Tamil Soil!

      • anvarsha says:

        Thanks for your kind words.

        on Gujarat riots, the SIT has already given a clean chit to all accused and is still being discussed in supreme court. Any jumping into accusing is purely preconceived notion.

        It is really strange to me that every one accuses BJP of fear mongering whereas the same is being done by everyone on BJP!

        Everyone was saying that all hell will break loose once BJP comes to power. Now that they have been in power for the last 7 years, what has happened?

        If corruption is not a problem, there is nothing to discuss

  6. Richard Churchill says:

    Although SP’s statement was clear enough that nothing was related to forced conversion TN Government should make sure this addressed.

  7. Kamaraj says:

    With this kind of hate and divisive politics , Annamalai Narayanan and the pack of jokers will further damage the image of BJP in the state . As public, we are not able to find any single positive thing about BJP in TN as their strategies may work out in regressive , illiterate states like UP and MP but not in a progressive state like TN. Annamalai is not fit to be a leader of even a high school . Period.

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