AAP is the option – Ajit Hari

T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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19 Responses

  1. valasu says:

    this site is totally fraud don’t trust

  2. Eesan says:

    Yes we need parties like AAP, but not the AAP headed by this val paiyan Kejriwal. Most of the AAP candidates in Madhya Pradesh have criminal background. Is this the AAP the author recommending?

  3. Muldic says:

    Modi has inroaded the media like TV Channels, newspapers which has to sing his song. Infact the people are now fed up with this newspapers and TV News Channels itself.

    Now Modi has these people hired to write against AAP. If you see the comments they will have nothing to say against AAP but they have only one thing to say that AAP has run away. Who knows many people hired here itself may vote for AAP.

    If you notice the comments itself you will see these hired people or some 2 or 3 people with multiple fake Id’s have nothing to say that is really touching are worth damaging AAP. Same stereotype comments which they have already probably given to copy and paste here or have the ability to write creatively.

    AAP is now the only party making waves all over India. If you see there are some 80% of Hindus who are against Modi. There is a hidden secret anti-modi-wave going on everywhere without ever these people knowing it.

    After the election result we will see that AAP and BJP would be almost having the same number of seats. It will be just like Delhi assembly election. There too the media prediction was 2 seats for AAP but it got 28 seats. The same thing is going to happen now.

  4. palaniappan says:

    we want tamil matters. So you translate the above all messages in feature
    good by

  5. Venkatraman says:

    First, give opportunity for AAP. Instead of that, don’t simply say that it is drama. U people don’t know what is democracy, but criticize AAP. AAP would give full power to U, what would u do to improve the nation? What other parties have done in india for education, agriculture, defense, infrastructure, externl affairs, industries and expecting AAP about all these fields. Till now, worst education in the world has been Indian education from the british rule onwards, but talking about all these things.

    All parties giving promises to people that i will do this and that, if i would come to power. Why like this? That is the responsibility of you as the government, u have to do your best to improve the society. But simply giving promises, showing middle finger at the end and depositing money to swiss bank account, that is only happening.

    • Srka says:

      We are not running a training centre to train parties like AAP. You are saying we know nothing about democracy you perfectly qualify to be in AAP. I was also initially attracted to AAP. Kejriwal has set his eyes on PM seat when he was sitting with Annaji during his fast while Anna was starving the others around him were building their ambitions. When all parties agreed to support lokpal which had to be cleared by LG as per constitution why did he refuse and put the blame on opposition. He did not want any credit to go to opposition. Is this your definition of democracy. He protested to protect somnath and he went to the extent of preventing RD parade and called it irrelevant is this democracy?
      He waived power dues of defaulters and even the power thieves were pardoned is this democracy whatever he and his team do are correct and rest of the world are crooks. I don’t belong to any party but amongst all AAP is the most disgusting

    • Abinav says:

      I disagree with you. AAP is the “trump card” for congress to inhibit BJP from getting prime power. it is the congress “assignment” party. As such, within the short time of AAP formation, they placing their candidates almost everywhere in the name of “AGAINST CORREPTION”. Only reason behind, obvious to every one, that could be “to divert the voter who is against congress & its corruptive ruling”. Off course they are talking against cong, also it is just for eye-wash & fool the common man. So in my opinion AAP (Sonia congress!!) definitely is not good option compared with BJP. Kejri is the best actor for the media’s camera, and wont be a capable administrator for our mother India.

  6. Ramesh says:

    Yes – we all are desperate for a change and were looking for AAP’s good governance in Delhi. But the way that opportunity was thrown to the gutter has made us think again. We have understood that Governance is a different ball game together than running party. AAP needs to go a long way to get there. Apart from anti-corruption, what is their stand/policy in many aspects – external affairs, defense, education, health, infrastructure, employment, agriculture, industries, etc. AAP should clearly spell out their plans in each and every dept.

  7. Shalini says:

    There is no second opinion that we need a change. But not AAP sort of party. They are just creating drama and they can’t be applied a national party.

  8. Satheesh Kumar says:

    AAP used the emotions and sentiments of people to their favour in Delhi and did nothing. Moreover AAP always speaks only about corruption, the fact is there are lot of other influential factors affecting the country other than corruption. I dont think AAP can assure a political stability, their manifesto says for itself

  9. oagai natarajan says:

    In the disguise of discarding AAP, author is selling pessimism.

    • Srka says:

      Startling but not surprising. Right from beginning many hv bn doubting this drama party. Excellent link. I hv already forwarded to many

  10. isaiarasan says:

    I dont know what i am not agree with that AAP is only option for all.
    Many of the situation party doing stunt for showing his own popularity . in our country other than corruption many problem we facing regularly .. AAP want to need power only, if they get power they showing third class political, .

  11. RAJENDIRAN says:


  12. Srka says:

    Agreed corruption has badly damaged India
    AAP original intention was good but their main ambition was -power and they made a fool of themselves by dropping out of Delhi govt.
    And the waiver of power bills for those who defaulted and pardoning power thieves were open support to break laws. Plainimmature behaviour.
    Sorry we have no space for drama parties

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