The Audacity of Abuse !!!

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  1. Jonelle says:

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  2. Abinav says:

    Peoples are not fools as you think. Because they have knew that, why this case is cunningly prolonged, and whom does play the roll behind this (with the aide of central government???) and announcing the judgment!!! for this case in election campaign. If this case come to the verdict, later no one can accuse Jaya as a scammer when ever they need like they do now comfortably. That’s why this case is keep on going just only because of 66 Cr, even 1.76 L Cr scams also people put aside.
    17 years gone due to so many reasons (lawyers, judges even court also have been changed so for) so, Jaya have to accept the accusation & need to go behind the bars and she cant use the law & rights to protect herself. This is what you expected? she is not like M.K, (who had pawn the state people rights and protect himself from his own corruption), otherwise she can compromise with Congress & could have been vanishes this case in her period which she doesn’t. So she is doing the correct thing legally to protect herself against the vendetta. The special public prosecutor absence from his duty also the blame goes to Jaya, I really pity for her & another side M.K quoted the asset detail which is given by Bhavani sing in the court trial, it means he help to JAYA OR M.K? ”
    Staying the trial against Jayalalitha for three weeks ensures that there is no harm done to ‘Amma’ till the elections are over in Tamil Nadu” by this writing clearly shows that ,what is the benefit you are all expecting from this case. Pls try the righteous thing through the law to succeed against Jaya, & try not to propagate ill against any one & get benefitted by some how. Finally I would say, I am not the supporter for JAYA, and not try to justify her, My intention is “Law has to do its “Duty” without one-sided”

  3. Guha says:

    Keep up the good work. It is nothing but a mockery of justice. These details about the case have not been widely given publicity by media so far. If all the media, publicise the details, the involvement of the judiciary can also will be brought out.

  4. Hari says:

    Outstanding expose!

  5. muru says:

    Hats up savukku…

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