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T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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6 Responses

  1. manikandan P says:

    Savukku…AAP is not good option…..You can also right about Kejiriwal stunt……49 days inefficiency drama…..Kejiriwal give favourism to Sonia Gandhi….

    Why we should not support AAP for below mentioned reason…

    1. AAP form government with corruption congress support.(AAP got vote based on Corruption Congress).
    2. well…He was formed government…why he was resigned in 49 days..The reason he stated is not true…Reason:- Not able to pass lok sabha bill…first it should get approved by Governor..without send to governor…he pass the bill.
    3. why he didn’t ask opinion/concern with delhi people through SMS or letter before resign the CM post.(Here only most of them lost hope..including myself)
    4. Why he is targetting MODI not Rahul/Sonia..even he didn’t speak anything about sonia….
    5. He was visited Gujarat and the same day..he start critize nothing is in gujarat…how he can able to come to conclusion on the same day… stunt Without permission he was going to meet MODI.

    6.He is not vacate the Delhi apartment given at the time of CM.he said he will pay the monthly rent 85,000. how can he pay such a amount…no income for him.

    7. Previously he said the MLA should contest in Lok sabha elections…but he is contest againt MODI in Varanasi..what is the reason…Last 10 years congress government is in POWER..why he didn’t contest in Raiberli againt Sonia..

    8. Why AAP site declared Kashmir is part pakistan, not India

    Most of our conclusion:- “Kejiriwal is not going to do good politics…he is going to do Circus with us…..He was not followed what he said in for AAP is equal to Vote for Congress..we need to form strong and good government in central.

    • Zia says:

      1. AAP does not support Congress from the beginning to end. Your opinion is wrong.
      2.. No need to get approval from the Governor. First pass the bill by majority and then send for approval to Governor. Since congress pulled out he can not get majaority. congress and BJP are not for Lokpal. They are against because they will be affected by Lokpal.
      3.We can not get opinions from all the mass. Is it possible. Congress & BJP wanted to corner AAP at any cost. That this the reason AAP resigned. There is no other choice my dear friend.
      4. He is targeting all – Modi and Rahul. He can contest only one place and not all the places. AAP is against all the corrupt parties. We have to belive this.
      5. Gujarat development is a boosted one. When we compare with TN Gujarat is not far better than TN. However by media and advertisement they simply boost. He asked for appointment and if he gives ok and if he didn’t give its ok. What is the problem. This is not big issue sir.
      6. Since his family just arrived there and settled and his kids are in school final with exams he asked for some more time. He is not uneducated and not a poor guy. He was an IRS officer and his wife is still an IRS officer. So he can pay the amount. He is not asking us to pay. Right? There are so many congi and bjp politicians did not vacate their houses for years and government is keeping quiet. You know the Speaker Meerakumar has not vacated for many years. Govt is keeping quiet. Now he asked for few days. thats all.
      7. He as come to politics now only and how can he contest before? Now congress is a dead snake. Only Modi is the poisoness snake.
      8. That is by mere mistake and they corrected again.

      So let us give AAP a chance now. There is should be an alternative. Otherwise we people do not have any other choice. We have to go either for Congi or BJP. Both are seriosuly corrupt parties.

      Congress and BJP fooled us all along these 60 years and we are ready to be fooled. Why dont we give a chance to AAP full term and see? Nothing is going to be lost right?

      Modi rule will be a dangerous rule in India. Let us watch and see.

  2. Abinav says:

    “I am fifty five years old, and have never voted”
    pls remain unchanged rather than vote for AAP till next election. In that next election you could see the best political party which will rule our India by Modiji & his team successfully , then irrespective of its candidates you can vote for it.

    Now so many brooms are assigned by “somebody” to support “the broom” all over the India in media. They are targeting frustrated common man’s vote, & mislead them towards :Anti -Action Party”. sure it will end-up with empty hands as people were understood about AAP”s administration skills within that 49 days of Delhi itself.

    True Indians are behind with “GOODWILL from GUJARAT”

    • jegan amarnath says:

      dont bluff with Gujarat model.every body knows even TN which is selling liquor by its state owned TASMAC is far far better tan the so called gujarat

  3. Eesan says:

    Ok Understood. Savukku has joined hands with AAP and that is the reason lots of English articles. Pro-AAP news and articles against all parties. Looks like a survival tactic of Savukku.

    So much build-up was given about the 2G tapes. Nothing after that.

    This site has lost the originality of

  4. gopi says:

    why dont savukku publish the business manipulations of jayalalitha,cho.ramaswamy,vaikuntarajan, sasikala,jagathrakshakan,sn.jayamurugan etc on aap website.why dont you give a link atleast. why dont you write about robert vadra who with his gamut of letter pad companies swallowed lands in haryana and rajasthan.dlf who is a partner and acted hand in glove with this crook.i think you have a biased approach towards your news.

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