Should we trust the political instincts of businessmen?

T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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4 Responses

  1. chander says:

    Most of the political parties criticize the party in the power, not for the best of the people, but to get the power for it selves.

  2. hemen parekh says:

    Wrong Business ?

    Talking about Narendra Modi’s ” Crony Capitalism ” , Rahul Gandhi said ,

    ” During 12 years of NaMo’s rule in Gujarat , Gautam Adani’s companies ‘
    assets ( or did he mean , Market Cap ? or Revenue ? it does not matter )
    went up from Rs 3000 crores to Rs 40,000 crores ”

    That is a CAGR ( Compounded Annual Growth Rate ) of 25 %

    Now look at the assets declared by the Congress Candidates of the current Lok Sabha elections ( Let us not inquire re: Undeclared Assets ! )

    Within 5 years ( from 2009 to 2014 ) , the average assets of these Congressmen , went up from Rs 4.87 crores to Rs 54.38 crores !

    That is a CAGR of 62 % !

    So , which is a better business ?

    > Building Nation by building Ports , Power Stations , Infrastructure etc ?


    > Fooling Nation by robbing its precious natural resources , such
    Spectrum , Coal , Gas , Minerals , etc ?

    > Not revealing the names of 50 individuals who have stashed away black
    money in German Banks – and whose names , German Government has
    provided 3 years back ?

    > Promoting ” Crony Relative-ism ” when it comes to buying government
    land for Rs 1 lakh / hectare and selling for Rs 100 lakhs / hectare ?

    Gautambhai ,

    Obviously , you are in the wrong business !

    Switch over to sycophancy !

    Enjoy a CAGR of 200 % !

    Then , like late Babu Jagjivan Ram , don’t file your Income Tax Return for next 10 years – and , if reminded , say , ” I just forgot ” !

    * hemen parekh ( 24 April 2014 / Mumbai )

  3. Abinav says:

    This author’s (from America too??) speculation come out with his residue, which make us lean towards, neither Congress team (Cong + AAP – B team of Congress) nor BJP as expected.
    Capitalism (in freeing the market & so on !!!) is an another version of scorn against Mr. MODI, together with “so called” secularist (who has the rights “take as granted” to promote their religion all over India in the name of secularism???) who is fail to prove that, “the modi stands” against minorities (as they are complaining) and also failed to prevent him from mandate Gujarat in past 3 elections, (meaning to say is that, they even cant convince their own minority people in Gujarat)
    In my opinion if we have the control & confine, either the capitalism or non-secularism wont be harm our economy or society. Our “majority” of people believe, that the Modiji can handle the Indian economy as well as the minorities better than your “recommended one”. Who is dividing and using their vote banks to over come from its massive scams in all these years. Lets hope for the best of India, else nothing important to us.

  4. Paandiyan says:

    We can trust. Anti national is more dangerous in this country.

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