The Good, The Bad and The Greedy.

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11 Responses

  1. @motha fck savukku says:

    He is the governor of kerala and not Karnataka..make sure your informations are fckin error..fuck off

  2. @loser savukku says:

    He is not governor of Kerala…lol…not the governor of Karnataka…go tell this to your mom

  3. @veerabadran the loser says:

    Did he live on your money or did he swindle your yrs commitment is for his honesty and his service…I guess you were aiming for that spl.pleader post and that your feeling pathetic that you couldn’t attain it..I can feel you emotions still you got a chance now man..grow up kid

  4. Pugazhendi says:

    I feel bad to comment cause I heard how good you were all..I’m so sorry sir

  5. Namba comedy savukku says:

    Well I gotta appreciate this…first of all certain stuff need to be straightened out…this is for you savukku…well if a information is to be sent to all the citizens it needs to be perfect…if not it needs to be proved rather crying and narrating a story..feels great that you got whole lotta script writers..not but not the least people who post comments should have the balls talking in front and should know the facts what you gotta do is bring your ass together and sit quietly..happy days savukku

  6. Amit Kumar Pandey says:

    How common will get NYAY?

  7. நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:

    அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்.

  8. veerabadran says:

    Even sadasivams’ brother in law pasupatheeswaran,lawer with the blessings and touting also misusing the Chennai metrowater as special leagal advisor for the past 15 years. Besides the bro. In. Law pasupatheewaran is obstructing rightful legal proceedings by way of touting and making huge money inthe name of sadasivam. Alas the divine justice is in the hands of touts and money swindlers.
    when this nepotism will be thrown away from our society?
    indeed divine justice angel only can save law and its verdicts!

  9. Krishna Kumar says:

    a lot unknown and unheard of takes place behind the screens. this article exposes one such hypocrisy. being greedy isn’t seen unusual in India. rather being not so is. to conclude, the article’s an eye-opener.

  10. Karunairaj Gnanamuthu says:

    A Superb Article.

  11. Pugazhendhi says:

    Sadasivam pressrised Maruti Suzuki to give his son A dealership in Coimbatore much against the proest by exisiting dealers that there is not enough business for existing dealers and hence a new dealership should not be given.

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