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  1. sangeerani says:

    Blocking”, for example, is nowadays frequently used to prevent specific content from reaching a final user. However, the indications are that this method is not efficient in preventing, for example, human rights violations on the Internet. Furthermore, who should decide what is to be blocked, and what processes and remedies should this be subject to?

    report from the UN Special Rapporteur, for example, states that, on the important issue of the censorship of alleged support for terrorism, restrictions on the right to expression can only be justified if the government can demonstrate that the expression is intended to incite imminent violence, and that there is a direct and immediate connection between this expression and the likelihood or occurrence of such violence.

    For all material that is unlawful in one country, but not others, we suggest it must be established whether a restriction is compatible with substantive European and international standards; then it must be determined whether it obeys the requirement of the UN Special Rapporteur and the UN Human Rights Council, that restrictions should never be applied to political debate, reporting on human rights, government activities or corruption, election campaigns, peaceful demonstrations or political activities, or expression of opinion, dissent, religion or belief.

    Let the tutored read: “Establishing personal jurisdiction in cyberspace: Can anyone govern Yahoo?”, UCLA J.L. & Tech. Notes 1, at: 01_010417_fitzpatrick.php.

  2. makkal says:

    why he is not block the isp???is it his right is ltd ?if even after u continue we have to ban the spectrum (2g).but it issed by ………. thats why u escape.

  3. நான் இந்தியன் இல்லை says:

    Wonder!!!!!!!!!! Is Justice CTS is a judge for the entire Globe?

  4. Jaya says:

    இவர் மானாட மாயிலாட நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு ஜர்ஜா இருக்ககூட லாயக்கில்ல. judgment இவரு judgment பேப்பல்ல ஆய்கூட தொடைக்க முடியாது

  5. Dear Savukku Sankar!
    None can fight like you the corrupt and delayed justice syatem, but no meaning to fight individual and case basis! LIke Arvind Kejriwal in RTI matter and got Magsasay award, be in touch with international human rights and expose corruptions and send copy of all to them. You will get recognition and win award and none can touch You! First step is start Justice Tharkunde-V R Krishna Iyer forum for human rights and justice and get media attention and contacting international recognition.Our political, media, judiciary and common man slaves understand only foreign recognition! Use Brain and do broader and better constructively for U and nation! You are young and can achieve lot for nation!

  6. Suresh Bala says:

    Poor creatures live in their own world. One cat orders the other cat to shut the eyes and confirm that the whole world has become dark.

  7. நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:

    He is giving free publicity for Savukku — Provoke him more.

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