Cry, beloved country!

T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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51 Responses

  1. Lyn1979 says:

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  2. Senthil says:

    Why I dint vote for AAP? following are the reasons

    1. Why should I vote for a party which couldn’t run a government for 3 months?
    2. What achievement Mr Kejirwal did so far which amazes me to vote for him?
    3. Why minority people always go against a person who was given a clean chit by SC?
    4. Whats wrong if a Hindu comes to power?
    5. Kejirwal’s actions never led to a proper outcome. either he goes to jail and leaves the matter or just move to another issue. he never intended to solve the issues.
    6. I cant give this country to in-experienced, puny & Unstable party.

  3. நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:

    MARK MY WORDS —– Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and who next? —— NEXT BIG POLITICAL ASSASSINATION WILL BE FOR JOBS BY JOBLESS YOUTHS — Modi is in the waiting list.

  4. நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:

    Honestly, more than 95% of Muslims voted against Modi – For majority Muslims, this election was an ultimate testing ground to seek answer for the puzzle “CAN WE SURVIVE IN THIS NATION ANY MORE?” – Majority Hindutva voters have delivered a massive blow to whatever little hopes they had and have told them very clearly “Hey Muslims, you have no future in this nation any more – If you wanna survive, either quit or get killed”

    ANTI-MUSLIM factor definitely helped in uniting 32% of ANTI-CONGRESS voters to choose Modi – But millions of jobless Hindu youths chose Modi primarily for jobs, jobs and nothing but jobs – Modi has given unrealistic hopes for millions of hungry Hindus – They are going to watch him closely every day and hope for a miracle to happen.

    They do NOT have patience to wait for another 5 years for jobs — If Modi fails to deliver, every jobless Hindu who voted for Modi will become a Godse and will kill Modi.

  5. Sraav says:

    I believe in Hinduism and thinks Hinduism proposes the best route to attain Moksha and for gods sake don’t bring caste-ism. Its an open source and lets you to customize its practices yet directs you to adhere to the principles.

    You may agree with the above statement or not. We can debate in length on this, But I hope, you agree that it will not force non-Hindus to convert to Hinduism. Hinduism is intertwined with our culture. Millions of people believe in Hinduism. It is our responsibility to safe guard and cleanse Hinduism. Even Buddhism is an extracted filtered form of Hinduism. (Just for an example –

    We need a leader who can support us in this endeavour. He may not be perfect, but we have turned into the right direction. Lets explore this option and try to reign Modi when he goes out of control.

    And for Gujarat riots, I don’t think Modi ordered goons to take out the foetus and kill. He did not led army of people and charged Muslims. He might have let them to kill few Muslims to punish them but he wouldn’t have imagined that people can do worse things in mass hysteria. Tehelka exposed that many BJP leaders who orchestrated the riots were stunned by the scale of killings and rapes.

    It is Modi’s miscalculated reaction to Godra killings which went horribly wrong. Just because 2000 muslims were killed, we can’t ignore the murder of 50 hindus. IT IS NOT THE NUMBERS THAT MATTERS HERE.

    For AAP, please ignore them. If Ford foundation gives money to me, I would better manage and lead my party than him.

    • balachandran says:

      press reports say that aam aadhmi received funds from foreign countries which runs into so many crores for which the party has not replied the questionnarie issued by the home department. aam aadhmi proved their incompetence by resigning within 49 days. aam aadhmi is as worst as congress. a man who does not believe in democracy can vote for any party. but a man who believes in democracy with the hope that democracy will deliver some goods can not make a better choice. The people of india have voted correctly. long live india and indian democracy.

  6. Krish says:


  7. subhendu says:

    I think you need to go live in a village with no drinking water and be forced to give your child poison like water to drink, because that’s all most people in our country get for their children. That’s when you will realize the moral dilemma of a mother between choosing poisonous water for her child and voting another left leaning liberal to rule this country.
    People who live a happy a decent live in cities; have no idea what life most Indian lives in villages and city slums.
    They are desperate for change. And frankly (I like AAP. I did support them and still support them. I think they are a moderating force) APP did not look like they are a real alternative to the Congress. People are simply not in the mood to experiment with another party (They seem quite immature to be able to run a country like India) and waste may be another generation.
    No: Not acceptable. In India one in three children go to bed hungry, over 500 million do not have access to clean drinking water, 600 million people defecate in open air. This is the most immoral thing I can think of, more immoral than 1000 dead bodies in a riot. Something has to happen very fast.

    • ajit hari says:

      dear subendu, i am truly touched by your concern for the poor. i am touched by your imagery of a mother forced to feed poisoned water to her child. now here is another imagery. a nine month pregnant woman’s stomach is cut open. the live fetus pulled out and stuck on a trident. that is the abiding image from modi’s gujarat. that does not move you? because the woman and the fetus are muslim?
      sorry my friend, there is no apologia good enough for modi. you don’t really sound like a ‘bad guy’. i sincerely hope you are just misled. and trust me there is no way in hell you can tell me more about the poor in india, or even elsewhere for that matter. modi is not the answer. he is just something that we have to live with for the present.

  8. Mr. Universe lover but born here in India because of your fate, what were you doing and what was your preaching when the Sonia lead UPA Governments were looting the Nation in each and every steps of its movements until yesterday? They destroyed the PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE. Not just the wealth but the HOPES too. They played BALLS WITH the secularism sentiment.
    Like you, I too supported AAP initially and wrote many articles in my BLOG and debated with many of my friends about its stand against the corruption. But, alas, what changed the entire scenario is the GREEDINESS of Mr. Arvind Kesriwal , the poor guy, who wished to wear his GRAND PA`s Shoes while crawling. Changed his attire and the base of ANTI-CORRUPTION stand towards ANTI=MODI stand to became a PM over night. Every intelligent will agree his 49 days governance is the ever be an insult to the democracy valuing subject. His greediness has hidden the right way to his bright future. Modi is here to STRENGTHEN the NATION internally and exteriorly.
    Our India is going to be the BETTER place in the entire GLOBE sooner. (Just hold your breath without spilling such meaningless words to enjoy of being an Indian Mr. Ajit Hari).

    • ajit hari says:

      at no point have i ever expressed any affection for the congress. but they do have one thing going for them. they are not bjp.

  9. Eesan says:

    Ajit Hari – You are a loser. You, Savukku and others better accept your defeat and be humble. Your articles and ideologies have not been accepted by people. People know what they want. There is no use in barking. You were given a mandate in Delhi. AAP did not give respect to people’s mandate and resigned from the government on the 49th day. Everytime Kejriwal says that he takes the opinion of people before making any decision. He asked for their opinion and resigned. If people have asked him to resign then why he was thrown out by the same people. People said enough of this drama politics. All this has happened in a period of 6 months. People know what they are doing and don’t think they are fools. This attitude of left and AAP is what is pulling them down. Also the initial mandate given to AAP was not because they had left ideologies. Initially people thought that AAP will be a different party and voted them. But later it was hijacked by leftists and this did not go well the people. If people want communists to rule this country, they could very well elect communists and need not go for AAP. So you spoiled the chances of AAP by inserting left ideologies to them. They are suffering now. Also nobody cares if you are a patriot or not. Don’t enact a drama like your AAP colleagues. \

    Bottom Line : People have rejected left ideologies in this country. What growth have you achieved in the states which you ruled and ruling? Nothing. So rejected. Equality is not making rich poorer, but making the poorer richer. Communism will always keep the poor as poor, because if the poor becomes rich then for whom will they fight for? Think …….

    • ajit hari says:

      you can’t string two sentences together. you don’t have one coherent thought in your head. and you call me a loser. yeah, right!

      • Eesan says:

        Yes you are a loser, that’s why you have reacted like this. Better answer the questions I have asked rather than criticizing my English loser

        • ajit hari says:

          okay. you are a winner. i am loser. it wasn’t your english that i questioned, but your thoughts and ideas. they are so profound that they are totally beyond me.

  10. senthil says:

    It is true that we dont choose our parents and our Country,religion or language at Birth. But once born we live the life destined for us and as a good human being cherish our ancestral lineage and traditions of respecting our elders and countrymen. if not we are nothing more than Bastards.
    So Mr Ajit Hari I hope you know who you are. if not you can still ask your accidental father mother.Material wealth is also essential in life. So is entertainment of which industry you are part thereof.
    Even left centered economies like the Soviet Union and its allies China have embraced the benefits of Commercial Imperialism. India or Hindustan has suffered under the liberals,secular and minority serving governments over most of the 60 years of its existence.
    At last the true majority have broken their bonds and spoken decisively on the True Democratic process.
    Nothing is Certain but there is always Hope.
    For an Accident like you to Comment so Negative even before the Man has assumed office shows your paranoid fear. I presume that Savukku is also is in the same boat as you,by publishing this gutter of an Article in its site. Savukku please dont get carried away by sensationalism to attract viewers.
    Always Good will triumph over Evil. I have High Hopes for a Bright future for My India, My Country.

    • ajit hari says:

      dear senthil, if you want to call me a bastard you should have the balls to do it up front. but then, what can you expect from a modi supporter?
      incidentally, i don’t mind it at all. no intelligent person considers the epithet bastard an expletive. you can spend the rest of your petty little life trying to figure that out.
      the truth must have really hurt that you resorted to using the word which for your kind is the ultimate insult. my dear man………. i am truly sorry for you.
      now, if you had called me a modi supporter or a religious bigot, that would have been really offensive and below the belt.

  11. durai says:

    you innocent man savukku!…if you born in india, you are a hindu. Every Hindu should have patriotism. you should love hindutva..should scream for cricket scores…you should draw tri-colours on face….salute the defence forces….this is the way of practicing patriotism. Thats it!

  12. sureshbaalah says:

    If you are not a patriotic. Please get the hell out of the country

    • Sunita says:

      For the interests of the notion called india, you idiots like suresh should be kicked not out of india but out of the whole world. Pakistan is the right place for you assholes.

      • Rajesh says:

        You ask someone who criticizes you to go Pak and u call yourself balanced. Height of Hypocrisy.

    • ajit hari says:

      “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

      • Thilak says:

        Similarly fake secularism & idealism is the first line of defence of terrorism & anit nationals

  13. Kumar says:

    Anna Hazare quits politics, to join acting post NaMo’s win?

    Post the Narendra Modi’s victory in the General Elections 2014, social activist and political crusader Anna Hazare isn’t happy it seems. Hazare also went on to comment on how Arvind Kejriwal has been impatient about contesting the elections. And now, amidst all these, Hazare is gearing up to play himself in a Marathi film, ‘Andolan’.. If reports are to be believed, Anna has turned to cinema to ‘inspire people.’

  14. Kumar says:

    US renews invitation to Narendra Modi despite cool non-response to first invite

    While it may be impolitic to divine too much from social media messaging (that too in less than 140 characters), Modi’s seeming smackdown of Uncle Sam did not go unnoticed in the US. “In Modi’s Twitter Diplomacy, A Notable Omission,” the New York Times observed, noting that the “order in which he thanked (world leaders) and one notable omission, later rectified, was more interesting than the content of the tweets themselves.”

    The purported snub did not exactly faze Washington, which on Tuesday, followed up President Obama’s telephonic greetings to Modi and invitation to visit Washington with a more elaborate message from Secretary of State John Kerry that seemed to be aimed at burying the visa flap.

    “The United States stands ready to work closely with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and the new government to promote shared prosperity and strengthen our security. The friendship between the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy is absolutely vital, and the United States is deeply invested in our strategic relationship,” Secretary of State Kerry said in a statement hours after Modi was formally elected as the Prime Minister.

    Kerry added that he looked forward to returning to India soon and “echo President Obama’s invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit the United States at the earliest opportunity.”

  15. Kumar says:

    Suddenly, AAP open to forming Delhi govt, plans another referendum

    Despite having gone to court asking for fresh elections in Delhi and “officially” declaring that it had no desire to take support from Congress, Aam Aadmi Party suddenly changed tack on Tuesday when it asked lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung not to dissolve the assembly.

    What’s more, AAP has decided to hold a referendum — much like it did before forming the government in Delhi five months back — and ask people whether it should make a bid for forming the government (obviously with Congress support) or go in for election.

    The difference between last time and now is that while there were many in December 2013 who wanted AAP to form the government, this time the issue is not really being discussed by the people.

    The surprise move came in the morning when AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal met Jung for what was described right through the day as a “coutesy call”. But at night a letter from Kejriwal asking the L-G for time “to consider options” was leaked out. Soon thereafter, AAP owned up to the letter.
    AAP is dependent on supporters for funding. While it received generous donations during the 2013 assembly elections, it failed to garner funds for the Lok Sabha polls. It has been reported that the party’s daily collections had dipped after the announcement of Lok Sabha results. Many of those who have quit their jobs to connect with the party are now starting to feel the pinch. A third election in the span of a year is not just taking a financial toll but also affecting people — what politicians call “election fatigue”

  16. indian says:

    total crap!! wast of time to read this non-sense

  17. Aravind says:

    Kejriwal claims so called Sacrifice to quit the government within 49 days but he didn’t do the same favor when he has to vacate CM’s residence? How can be blames other looters when he can’t do the simple thing. I was frustrated when TN people defeated Vaiko kind of leaders but I am glad TN didn’t vote for AAP jokers.

  18. Sam says:

    Another crap article who does not have any idea. Can you tell how the corruption is not part of moral? If people are honest and NOT selfish, wont you think the society would be much better of!!! Thanks for letting us know your stupidity.

    When people give verdict, learn to accept that. That verdict was given not only by Hindu brothers, Muslim brothers were also part of that.

    Don’t just bring your thoughts which were gathered during shower to print and public. Just let them go with the water as soon as the shower is done.

  19. harukimurakami says:

    Hi Mr Kumar, Can you please tell me how one gets to be proud of an accident of birth? Would you be similarly proud, if you were born in, say Sudan or Sierra Leone or Chad?? Or in Iran, UAE or Saudi Arabia??? Or is this some special feeling reserved only for India?

  20. Cassius Clay says:

    Fantastic analysis of the situation. Until now I thought ‘Savukku’ was just fooling around. But this single article has changed all that, as it is clear ‘Savukku’ is one magazine that can be ‘level headed’ even in adverse situations. From now on I will recommend Savukku to hundreds of thousands of my ‘Twitter’ followers across the globe. Thank you.

    • ajit hari says:

      thank u cc. who are you?

      • Kumar says:

        He belongs to American Adami Party, you may approach him for funding from Ford Foundation to spread your idealism in your country of accidental birth.

  21. KI says:

    Ha ha Junior T.n. Gopalan. Cry, my beloved Psec.

  22. Ajit Hari!
    Write and behave like a pragmatic educated man.
    People has given their due to known modi devil for his efforts to get rid of evil opportunists,cowards &crooks like Sonia,MMS,Kejriwal, Communists, Mamta/Jaya/Mulayam/Maya!
    Politics and democracy is art of possible under lot lot flaws and constraints!
    No system including communism is perfect!
    Think how why 1st opposition party communists could not grow and last winner party AAP cannot govern and how modi came from nowhere to throw away all?

    Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

    • gopi says:

      i am regular reader of savuku . This is the first time writhing . IF you write this shure this is my last and final reading of savuku. i will ask my friends group to stop reading savuku. no vision for the welfare of tamil and india. pls. thing broadly.

      • Sunita says:

        Who cares for you self-centered rascals. Savukku is not dependent on you. You are free to leave this place. If you do not like it, then just do not read it. Perhaps that’s the special feature of this clad called fascism that has suddenly surged now. And you are a representative of this KKK clan group.

    • ajit hari says:

      dear nagaraj, try thinking of politics as doing the right thing, and doing it right. makes for a better india and a better world.

      • Dear Hari!
        If patriotism is last refuge of scoundrels as per you,you may be knowing politics is gutter and sewer!What voters do is choosing best among worst!Educated fellows dont even object crimes to women in cities which is not possible in villages, even today!So just because we are educated, what we write need not be right and to be done by all!Ask your AAP Kejriwal first do right by vacating government accomodation and then ask all others to do right and support him!
        After congress slaves, BJP fanatics and now new class , AAP supporters or Educated Idiots!!!
        Pragmatism and Objectivity are to be our ways!
        Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  23. Rajesh says:

    India has suffered enough from so called ‘liberals’ like you. What we dont understand is that when your are ready to give the Congress-which looted the country- another five years, why you are not willing to give Modi a mere five years? And u liberals who have got enough money and food,have a good education and comfortable life cannot understand what material wealth is to someone who has not had proper food or has been unemployed. Indians chose BJP this time, not because of any affection to their ideology. It is because of the promise of a government that will provide employment and education. And moral rectitude comes later, ie after these basic necessities are satisfied.
    And how can you say that AAP is a credible option? The same Delhi people who voted Modi this time, voted for Kejriwal few months back. What has he done? And Kejriwal whose avowed ambition is fight against corruption chose to fight Modi instead of Sonia. What is the reason? Who has been at the helm for last 10 years presiding over a series of scams. Modi or Sonia? Its true that he chose to contest in 400+ constituencies. But is it not true that all the energy of AAP was focussed on only one constituency ie Varanasi? What is the reason? Anybody can then say that AAP is nothing but congress’ B-team.
    This country was hoping that AAP will become alternative to the two parties. But it has proved otherwise. So my best bet is someone who has proved that he can do things. And Modi has done things in Gujarat. So i voted for him. Why you liberals fight tooth and nail against this man, everyone wants to know. And people have given a clear verdict against the pseudo-secular dispensations in this country. And that is the biggest positive thing happened in this election.

    • Sunita says:

      Rajesh, we dont’ have any qualms over you allowing your personal property to be looted. But this is country’s resources. Just because one thief looted we cannot allow another thief also to loot. Better, you can try with your own home. You are too self-centered to think beyond your house and materialistic, consumeristic culture that has paralysed your brain.

      • Rajesh says:

        And what right do u have to claim Modi as a looter. Has he looted in Commonwealth Games or 2G or other n number of scams ?…And it is not that u alone care about countries’ resources. This a$$hole who has written this article claims he’s not patriotic. Then why does he bother about looting of countries’ resources and why the hell do u support him? Many of the problems in this world arise due to people who say they fight for others. All the terrorists whom u usually support claim that they fight for others only and not for them. And why i voted for Modi is because i believe he will do something good for the nation which in turn benefits me. And the last i need is an advice from so called liberals like u, who in the name of fighting against “materialistic, consumeristic culture” are cheating yourself and others. And u people always have the arrogance of claiming what u believe is a higher goal ,whereas what we lesser people believe are materialistic and consumeristic. It is this arrogance that paves for the fall of people like u.

  24. Kumar says:

    ” I am no patriot. I nurture a healthy distaste for the very idea of patriotism I was born in this country. I am a citizen of this country. That is an accident of history. ”

    options are open, you can migrate to any African or Arab countries…

    • ajit hari says:

      like hell. nobody tells me where i live. the idea is to make this country fit for human beings. fyi i detest the very idea of the islamic state. more than the likes of you can even hope to comprehend.

      • harukimurakami says:

        My Comment is for Mr Kumar.

        Hi Mr Kumar, Can you please tell me how one gets to be proud of an accident of birth? Would you be similarly proud, if you were born in, say Sudan or Sierra Leone or Chad?? Or in Iran, UAE or Saudi Arabia??? Or is this some special feeling reserved only for India?

      • Kumar says:

        if your’e not proud to be here why the fcuk you want to stay here?

        • harukimurakami says:

          And how the fcuk do YOU get to decide why somebody stays here or not? Huh??
          And still no reply to my comment Mr Kumar? Maybe I should repeat it for your benefit again.
          Can you please tell me/us how one gets to be proud of an accident of birth? Would you be similarly proud, if you were born in, say Sudan or Sierra Leone or Chad?? Or in Iran, UAE or Saudi Arabia??? Or is this some special feeling reserved only for India?

      • Sunita says:

        Another balanced, well written article concerning the apprehensions of every right thinking person. Keep it up.

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