Terror Attacks: No Relief For Anyone – Part I

T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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4 Responses

  1. T N Gopalan says:

    Readers, desist from abusive comments of any kind. Any criticism in a sober language pl

  2. TNG!
    Politics/Judiciary is never perfect in USA/Russia/India/anywhere to common man .
    Mostly all religious fanatics are the source of all problems.
    .Except some brief dark periods, Hinduism,Buddhism, Jainism and Parsism is calm& compassionate towards all throughout history!
    So better analyse faults of conversion minded, fanatic religions and their misguided followers and advise them !
    Ever write as a balanced educated guy
    Nambikai Nagaraj -Dubai

  3. Kumar says:

    Akshardham acquitted willing to knock on Modi s door

    “We have heard Mr. Modi’s speeches and hope he has a change of heart. To get justice we don’t might even knocking on PMO’s door and we hope that justice will be delivered to us,” adds Maulana Abdulla.

  4. Vin says:

    This site is going crazy and started licking congress shoes. let me know how to unsubscribe your posts.

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