Terror Attacks: No Relief For Anyone / Part II

T N Gopalan

T.N. Gopalan is a senior journalist based in Chennai

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15 Responses

  1. Charlespresy says:

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  2. Thumbi says:

    We shout from roof tops : Terrorism has no religion! But, after any incident, in the course of the investigation, some investigating officer says matter-of-factly, ‘there are similarities with xxyyy incident; so we suspect LET or IM or whatever blah-blah”. Hell will break loose: “for any blast, only Muslims are suspected, blah-blah..” If everyone takes religious sides, how can police get any clue for pursuing investigation? Some suspects would be taken into custody, for interrogation; some may be innocent too. But we have enough people to orchestrate shouts of partisanship, etc. I do not know, in how many cases, the landlords of such budding terrorists gave info to Police and alerted them. Did any neighbour give any alert to other neighbours? The perpetrators of all such crimes rent houses as though they are pursuing religious preaching, work etc.; but in fact, do the last-mile planning for the blast-sites selection and recce. Let there be a ideological justification for revenge/attack and a bomb is exploded in the bazar: one of the victims may be your school-going son, passing the road at that time. Bombs do not know religion: they simply kill.

  3. Sarath says:

    We have seen enough of Congress. Modi is the need of the hour.

  4. Nambikai Nagaraj says:

    Savukku & TNG!

    Why unrelated FBI emblem for the article?

    Kindly change the mindset that only USA/Right wing groups are ever devils?

    Most of today’s social advances are due to Evil capitalism and technology!

    Most of today’s deficiencies are due to failed Communism (one of best “ism” but worst followers) and illogical, aimless maoist and religious terrorists!

    From educated people, i expect objective analysis from all angles on any matter!

    Educated people MUST not hero /policy worship/fanatics!

    World, ever function , minimum 60%, in unwanted ways ONLY!

    We too be optimistic on positives and not try to score brownie points on negatives!

    Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  5. Savukku!

    Gandhiji, mandela too fought for rights!

    Hitler, Japanese too fought aggressively in world wars!

    Your Idol ,LTTE Prabhakaran too fought killing own Tamil brothers and whoever came in his way!

    In the end, made his own people as refugees , everywhere!

    Ways, flexibility and means are also to be good to get best results!

    Small people only fight!

    Big people like President Kalaam too fought poverty from Rameswaram and became President in 35-40 years!

    So , Savukku can know and support right and good ways to fight!

    Best wishes for good fights!

    Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  6. Savukku says:

    Actually this is fr T.N.Gopalan Mr Kaalam. just to clarify. if u have a f/b a/c may be we can be in regular touch

    • Savukku !

      Yes i do know, u appreciate TNG and Mr.Kalaam’s fights!

      i do write about to fight balancedly without bias, fair and right!

      Not empty fights and end results worse than before!

      Results of empty Communalism/Communism/Capitalism/casteism/linguistic/caste/creed fights – for or against fights –are more ugly than good in the end!

      Anyway constructive fights are not bad idea!!!

      Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  7. Good article!

    Police and Judicial delay and inefficiency is root cause of all!

    As usual your article is harping on BJP related riots/incidents only!

    What about 1984 Sikhs massacre , Political violence and murders in Kerala and west bengal?

    Any valid cause/provocation/action for them?

    Uneducated intelligent poors,analyse this and throw Congress and communist governments!

    Educated Idiots, dont analyse all riots in balanced way and live in their own fools paradise!

    I am not DMK/ADMK/BJP/Congress/Communist /any caste, religious party sympathiser!

    I am just balanced human!

    No religious/language/political/caste/creed factor can justify any riot/violence!

    Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  8. krisrisan says:

    If you have such a deep pessimism on Indian institutions, why don’t you consider leaving the country and live outside happily? That is what Kamalahasan wanted to do when he felt helpless against communal elements whom he thought would come to his side because of his Hindu bashing.

    Just can’t understand why a few people are obsessed with only Gujarat riots to the complete neglect of loss of life in other riots in the country which are not hard to find. May be some politician saw red in a rising star that needed to be nipped in the bud so for them it was important for them to spread falsehood in order to gain politically. Why other innocent people should fall a prey to such a design? They don’t gain anything by nurturing such a false sense of injustice. On the contrary, they will make life miserable for themselves as the country is going to remain this way for ever. It is better for them to change their perspective & view things rationally and logically so that undue hatred is removed from their minds and they start integrating well with the rest of the public in India.

    • Kaalam says:

      Who are you to say who is to live and who has to leave ? This is country belongs to every citizen. Mody may be the ruler but not the owner. My home, my village and my citizenry is my birth right. No d.g can question that. Why my right is violated I will fight!! Shall not leave!!

      • Can u argue about your rights in any religious country?Bane of democracy is more than enough rights and still unjust fights and violence feigning injustice! All rights need to be with some discipline, obedience, responsibility and hardwork and not just in the name of majority/minority non senses?Hard working Kalaam from rameswaram went on to become Best President by a BJP support! Anyone opposed/prevented?

        • Kaalam says:

          Yes. whatever that be my birth country, I will argue and standup for my birth right and seek to violate anybody else’s birth right as how much I respect my own right.

          Simply because you close your eyes doesn’t mean that rights don’t exist else where. Dubai is not the only country outside India and you don’t get to read societies on prime media. You have to displace yourself out of your comfort zone to learn about others.

          You worry about your rights and I worry about mine!! You have no business inside my homes and I have nothing to do in your homes.

          • Savukku says:

            lovely kaalam…wd like to know more abt u…keep giving it back…communalism we sd fight back wherever we can

          • Dear !
            I worked in India for 16 years and then near australia and Dubai for 16 years!

            I am not in my comfort zone!

            I am not closing my eyes!

            i dont seek extra rights in my birth country or living country and live as per rule or situation of that place.!

            I had my difficulties all along and solved through efforts and patience for near 35 years!

            I dont seek to violate anybody else’s birthright like you!

            When you are sincere and hardworking, all rights and good will come to you!

            If not you get 1001 chances to complain!

            When you people learn to live without quarrels and be accomodative ???????????

            Today it will be birth right, tomorrow religious right, then terrorism &seperatism??

            Is it the route for endless fights?

            If you start fighting/arguing, there is no end and u can justify it in anyway!

            The same way others too justify!!

            Best wishes for all non-sense fights!

            Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

          • Kumar says:

            மோடி பிரதமர் வேல்பாளாராக இருந்த போது ஆயிரம் அவதூருகளினை அவர் மேல் அவர் சூரியன் உங்களுக்குத்தான் வாய் வலித்தது பாவம்..அவர் ஜெயித்து ஆட்சியைப் பிடித்து திறம்படநடத்தவும் ஆரம்பித்து விட்டார்…

            ஆனால் உங்கள் குரைப்புச் சத்தம் இன்னும் முடியவில்லையே…

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