Modi-fied India – What Is In Store For Us?

Mohammad Jalal Uddin

The writer is a Chandrapur based analyst.

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22 Responses

  1. ranjit says:

    Let modi function

  2. Parthiban says:

    Making of a Nation

    ations are generally made and held together on the basis of race, religion, language or ethnicity. Sameness is the formula of nation-building, but India stands in defiance of this mediocrity. “Bharatvarsha” lived for thousands of years, a union of over two hundred kingdoms. King Bharata extended the boundaries of his empire, more through inclusion than conquest.

    The word “Bharata,” literally means: “bha” for bhava, “ra” for raga, and “ta” for tala – the fundamentals of music and dance. The arts evolved phenomenally in this land. A few thousand years ago when the rest of the world was striving and struggling in nomadic groups for survival, India saw the heights of music, mathematics, astronomy and scientific development.

    We took pride in building the nation not on the sameness of people but on their diversity. Every fifty kilometres of travel, you found people with different languages and lifestyles. Bharat was recognised as a human being – Bharat Mata, where all these different parts were part of one body. We do not expect the little finger and nose to function the same way, but they are together. There was an organic unity which this culture nurtured very carefully, tied together with a strong spiritual thread.

    The fundamental aspect of living in India is that whether you are a king, businessman or householder, your highest goal is mukti or liberation. It was not even god or heaven – God is just a stepping stone for us. This country is the only “god-less” country on the planet because here, we know that God is of our making. We developed a whole science of “god-making” through which you can create your very own god – your ishta devata. This is a land of an estimated 33 to 330 million gods and goddesses!

    India never had any belief system or established morality. There was only vibrant spirituality, and that has always been the guiding force. Right now, India is facing a certain danger because this spiritual thread is being systematically hacked at, and there is no moral structure to fall back on. If spirituality is lost, this is the most immoral country because we have no guilt problems like in the West. If we hack this one thing down with beliefs and other identities, after twenty-five years, we will wonder why we are one nation and we will break. The leadership in the nation needs to grasp what truly holds us together. The glory of this nation’s past is rooted in its spiritual possibilities and accomplishments.

    The Indic region has mastered the laws that govern inner wellbeing. In the modern world, nations of great affluence are suffering from a terrible sense of disenchantment within. We have the know-how and scientific methods that could lead to wellbeing of all. Before individuals step out towards external accomplishments, they must arrive at a sense of inner wellbeing. It is only in this that individual human beings can go beyond personal ambition and strive for a larger vision. This is of utmost importance now, because for the very first time, we as a generation have reached a place where we have all the necessary resources, capability and technology to address every human problem on the planet. Only an inclusive consciousness is missing. The very basis of what we refer to as Bharat is this inclusiveness.

    It is time we reap the benefits of this profound tradition in its full glory. We are a nation of great possibility. Let us make it happen!

  3. Senthil says:

    Are you nuts? because of people like you, good and friendly Muslims are being bad mouthed. BTW you cannot get a Nuke since you cannot live in Pakistan.. but but you can Bomb us in other way.. LOL

  4. Savukku says:

    We would like to stress friends comments in bad taste won’t be allowed. Any discussion should be in sober language

    • நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:


      Social media is serving as an emotional outlet for millions of Hindus and Muslims to express their hatred and frustration on each other. Surprisingly, a vast majority mellows down after some time and even starts respecting each other when they understand each other’s view point.

      Hatred through social media is much better than physical violence. Denial of this opportunity will lead to pentup frustration and violence. — Freedom of expression is fundamental human right.

      “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”.


      • sella says:

        “Heads i win, tails you loose — This is called Islam.” – Fantastic explanation
        Having such a ideology of greediness will not allow you to peace with anyone who has a sense of fairness

      • Galileo says:

        So, you cannot express your views without insulting Hindus, even though you and your kiths and kins live in a Hindu majority country where you all get every help, support and assistance from the Hindus every minute in a day. You are an example of muslim mentality.

    • nanban says:

      Dear Savukku,

      We expect your site to be a place with documentary evidence as you have done it in the past. Not just hate/fear mongering one sided article or pseudo-secularism or pseudo-intellectuals rant . Also as i request, your team should continue to expose Judiciary more to bring the accountability and help the readers to how to do on their part too.

      Once Judiciary got fixed, rest are all the thing can be fixed.

      Also if possible put a ‘Abuse’ option in the comments section, as it is there on many other sites, which will help to block the most abusive commentors based on the ranking. otherwise this great place is going to be like yellow magazine for sure.

      Choice is yours Savukku. Be focused, help yourself and help others. If your respectable Prabhakaran cannot help himself and his people, we are all nothing, if we continue to convert this place like yellow magazine.


    • Kalaignar Karunanidhi says:

      dho, sollitare,, sober comments aam…! modhala neenga sober articles podunga… ezhu peru, ettu peru nu kaaturai pottutu, ippa sober amam… pod.. daabur..

  5. Ravi BS says:

    Comments from bad taste. Lot have pseudo names, afraid to show the real face.Savukku is becoming like Nakkeeran – yellow journalism. Let us keep the conflicting debates healthy.

  6. kumar says:

    better consult a good psychiatrist, before you start tearing your clothes.

  7. kumar says:

    Muslim outfits slam Cong’s ‘secularism’

    ALIGARH: After the resounding mandate for the BJP in the 16th Lok Sabha elections, some Muslims in Aligarh are trying to shape the community’s response to the new political reality, urging the community to shed any “Congress nostalgia”.

    Referring to minority affairs minister Najma Heptullah’s comments that Muslims were not a minority group in India, Rashid Shaz, leader of the Milli Parliament, an organization formed after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992, said, “Nehru’s secularism was like a mirage, a trail of false hopes. The minority status created a psychological shell in the minds of Indian Muslims. If for 65 years someone keeps telling you that you are a minority, what will your mind be like? Congress wallowed in electoral gains earned by demonizing the ‘political other’, the BJP. Now, that dark era of pseudo-secularism is over.”

    Shaz said the biggest benefit of having Narendra Modi as prime minister would be the reduced significance of mullahs who earlier issued pronouncements to the community ahead of elections.

    “A big benefit would be the fall of the mullahs or middlemen who appropriated the Muslim mind… Seeing Modi’s leadership, there is little chance of any middleman’s survival. That will make Muslims use their own brains,” Shaz said.

    The communal riots during the rule of secular parties, illegal bans on Muslim organizations, the arbitrary arrest of Muslim youth, and the refusal of a judicial inquiry into the Batla House encounter — all this is being read as a Congress conspiracy against the community.

    “The new political reality may look depressing, but at least we are able to see today where we really stand,” a member of the Milli Parliament said.

    Joining these Muslim intellectuals in the cry against the Congress is the Forum for Muslim Studies and Analysis, comprising academics from the Aligarh Muslim University.

    Speaking of the record of the Congress in dealing with issues related to the community, Shabuddin Iraqi, former chairperson of the history department of the AMU, said, “The cause of Muslim upliftment was not taken seriously. Instead, the Congress created Muslim poster boys like Salman Khurshid.”

    Leaders like Khurshid lacked an understanding of the problems faced by the community and kept busy “appeasing the Congress high command,” Iraqi said.

    Prime Minister Modi’s remarks that his win was the victory of India’s 1.25 billion, and that he wants to build an India of the 21st century, has found resonance with Muslim intellectuals in Aligarh. These remarks are seen as a gesture to connect with the community.

    “We too are open to a meaningful dialogue, as the community feels no nostalgia for the Congress,” Shaz said.

  8. Senthil says:

    haha hahahhah.. Ungalai nenachcha.. sirippu sirippaa varuthu. You have commented so many negative comments. But people are not fools.

    Let see., Soon after he will crush naxals like you… hahahaha…Modi win panniyathum.. ungalai nenaichchu thaan romba santhosap patten..

  9. Dipankar says:

    In depth analysis. I am really upset how in a country like India, where so many races, so many cultures, so many religions mix and create a symphony for 1000s of years, the fanatics, whatever be the religion, can win over the common people to have electoral majority? Are not we compromising the basic character of unity in diversity?

    • sattai says:

      Which “depth” analysis?? Where were you “intellectuals” when the Congress and other pseudo-secular govt had raped the country in the past???

    • Dipankar!

      That is called beauty or ugly of Democracy!

      First past post or proportionately high mandate holder can rule, even if they are criminals/thugs/fanatics!

      Democracy is best among many other worst ruling models in the past!

      Read bit sociology and politics before day-dreaming!

      Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

  10. நஞ்சுண்டமூர்த்தி says:

    Modi will pave the way for PAKISTAN-2:

    INDIA CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO BRING BETTER LIFE FOR IT’S CITIZENS because 1.3 billion overpopulation growing at 30 million per year is the biggest burden — India has fallen into the bottomless pit of corruption, crime, pollution, poverty, overpopulation.

    India is a living hell and every qualified Indian wants to quit and settle in USA or Arabia — India will disintegrate into TAMIL NATION, KHALISTAN, NAXALISTAN, DALITISTAN, BRAHMANASTAN, ARYAVARTHA, DRAVIDA NADU, JESUSTAN AND ISLAMISTAN.

    Govinda Goooooovinda.

  11. Answer for all your fears lies in addressing the below question:

    Why terrorism mostly starts only with maoists and religious fanatics and affects common society?

    why dont fight slow and legally like common man do?

    If an average family has 5 kids, what standard can be expecred in poor, corrupt India except squalor, no education and perpetual complaints about society, leaders and others?

    Like all powerful Indira, Modi may fail or win!

    People will vote or out him in 5 years

    No need for biased analysis from day 1.

    Why no such analysis about near 60 year secular congress rule?

    I am not Modi/BJP fan , but give the devil his due and chance to try and win!

    Enough of licking sick congress Italy Sonia dynasty’s secular feets!

    Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

    • Kunjunda moorthy!

      As told to you, i consider you as a human, only when you write with your own name and places!

      Till then, you are just,all-around shitting pig only!

      I am proud to be a balanced human with kindness to all and without out any hatred !

      Whatever my difficulty or joy or situation and wherever i work or live, I am balanced!

      Can u tell the same about you?

      You know only 15-20 bad insulting words to write!

      For your information, I am pure vegetarian but non-bramin!

      I am not fanatic or biased to any religion,language caste,community, creed or country!

      All places are my native ! All people are my relatives!

      This is my last reply to u if you don’t upgrade U!

      By giving chance to your bad abuses, Savukku is degrading his stature!

      Nambikai Nagaraj-Dubai

    • Senthil says:

      By luck middle east ppl have crude oil otherwise they would have been worst than country like Sudan. and one more thing, if you’re so patriotic about Islam then please change your language, why dont u try Arabic.. I’m afraid u cant because most of the muslims in TN dont know Arabic.

      Let me address you,

      1. You were a Hindu but a coward, converted to Islam who cant stand against Muslim emperors
      2. You are the Muslim now but you cant read and write Arabic
      3. Middle East Muslims consider you as low class people as you are not to belong them but it is you beggar feels proud about them
      4. You hate Tamil people who never did any harm to you people. it simply shows you are a betrayer
      5. You are the one who feeds Food from Hindu, takes water from Hindu, may works for one US based MNC, may dresses like Westerner, but only in the name you identify you as Muslim.
      6. You are the one who cant even give your true identity in Savukku website

      From your reply u only said you cant live with Hindus then where will you go? you cant go to Pakistan because you cant speak their language neither the freedom, wealth, food or facility what you get here. cant go to Middle-East, they dont even respect you as Human. you can do to some other African country like Sudan but again its worse than Pakistan and you cant mingle with them. where will you go???

      one small advice, Why dont you name as Tamil-Betrayer-Coward-Khan something like that?? it may really suit you.

  12. yash says:

    Very well written.

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