கர்நாடக இசை பிராமணர்களுக்கு மட்டும்தான் சொந்தமா?/எஸ்.சிவகுமார்

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48 Responses

  1. Ravi says:

    Guys don’t flight. This article is completely baseless. Many do not know M.S. Subbulakshmi is not a brahmin by birth. She married a brahmin thats it. To me music interest should come from their own self, we cannot thrust upon them or except others to thrust that.

    • vaidyanathan says:

      It is a custom to flourish in the state of TN to abuse the brahmin community. But such abusers will behave autocrat and arrogant more than they describe brahmins. Take for anology of both MK and Veeramani. To describe their loot one full magazine is required to publish

  2. Nice article .Well written .Well done Savukku

  3. Pandaram says:

    Recent movie was grabbed by Aniruth from Harris Jayaraj. All Silk Sarees and Vijay TV channels sponsor Isai Vizha.They even sponsor kids doing carnatic Music.OPM(Other peoples Money)

  4. Raja says:

    Recent movie was grabbed by Aniruth from Harris jayaraj.

    • Brahmin says:

      Mani Ratnam replaced Ilayaraja with A.R.Rahaman in all his movies from 1992
      M.S.VIswanthan was replaced with Ilayaraja in the late 70’s
      Harris Jayaraj was replaced with Anirudh in a movie.

      So what is your point?

      Enjoy the music and got get a life for yourself!

  5. jayagopalraja says:

    Metha padithavarkale, Now you have got blogs also to blabber all kinds of views without background research. Famous singers and instrumentalists are not brahmins and brahmins hail them! And you don’t know who is who!. I don’t want to point to any castes.

  6. karunaignana says:


    From: G. Karunairaj, Foreigners Special Camp, Trichy.

    Copy 1: Advocate M Shreedhar, Counsel-on-Record.


    I, G. Karunairaj S/O Gnanamuthu currently confined in Foreigners Special Camp, Trichy do hereby submit as follows:

    1. I am Tamil Nadu State Detainee pursuant to Government Order without access to Advocates.

    2. It is humbly submitted that an important impact of Article 39A read with Article 21 has been to reinforce The Right of a person involved in a criminal proceeding to Legal Aid. The Honourable Supreme Court has decreed that Legal Aid may be treated as a part of The Right created under Article 21 – Kishore versus State of Himachal Pradesh {1991 (1) SCC 286}.

    3. Denying me access to Advocates, reflects The Level of Fear for those who walks in The Corridor of Power. It is humbly submitted that British India accorded Maximum Advocate Access to Bhagat Singh but Independent India did not even accord Minimum Advocate Access to G. Karunairaj. I have now understood why Anna Hazare-ji Movement evoked tremendous response!

    4. I am being tortured in Special Foreigners Camp to restrain from exposing ADGP Sylendra Babu and LTTE. Those who torture me don’t understand that The Best Method to silence me is to eliminate me. It is Catch 22 situation because of my statement published in Reporter Kumudham dated 06/03/2011 that my buddies will release CD if I die in custody. Honestly, I Died-in-Soul on 21/08/2010 after being unable to protect my daughter, Shyamla from Sylendra Babu and his men, hence torture can no longer hurt me. Even Bitch (Lady Dog) would growl if The Owner touches The Puppies after delivery. I AM A HUMAN BEING!

    5. It is further humbly submitted that the following relevant links be treated as exhibits:
    (i). karunaignana.wordpress.com
    (ii). http://www.youtube.com – Tag: Karunairaj Gnanamuthu

    6. My daughter, Shyamla has filed Crl.O.P. No.7108/2014 before The Honourable Madras High Court No.32 presided by Honourable Mr. Justice CT Selvam seeking direction to The State to investigate her sexual abuse allegations against Sylendra Babu and his men. During arguments, The Only Argument that was put forward by The Public Prosecutor is that I am An International Criminal. Since The Public Prosecutor has dragged my name into The Case despite not being either Petitioner or Respondent to Crl.O.P. No.7108/2014, I plead to be allowed to file rebuttal affidavit.

    7. It is humbly submitted that to operate A Brothel in A Town, it cannot be done without Local Police Inspector Tacit Support. Likewise, one cannot operate International Mafia in India without IPS support. Statistics on IPS Officers checked-in and checked-out of Central Prisons are self-explanatory. One of The Beneficiaries of Vincent’s Diamond Smuggling Activities via Trichy and Meenambakkam Airports is Harris Nadar, Father-in-Law of Sylendra Babu. To vent anger against my daughter for Vincent consensual affair with Sofia Sylendra Babu is not An Act of Dharma.

    8. Am informed that Honourable Mr. Justice CT Selvam may be biased due to several reasons. The Grounds for apprehension will be relayed to Advocate Shreedhar if he is permitted to meet me.

    PRAYER 1: Pleading that Honourable Mr. Justice CT Selvam is recused from presiding Crl.O.P. No.7108/2014 and The Case heard before any other Honourable High Court Judge.

    PRAYER 2: Pleading that Advocate Shreedhar and/or his Junior Advocate are allowed to meet me to take instructions and provide legal advice.

  7. Sigamani says:

    Yen indha veri?? ippadi point pointaa unmaiyai ezhudhina naanga eppadi badhil solla mudiyum. Idhukkellam badhil solla engalaal mudiyaadhu. Naanga appadiye topica twist panni divert pannuvom…illaina badhil ezhudhaama konja naal padhungi iruppom. Piragu enna…pazhaiya kurudi kadhavai thiradi.

  8. paandiyan says:

    /unfortunately a brahmin who will not allow me in his kitchen//

    why do u want to go and visit other house kitchen though he is/was ur friend. can you expect or do the same on karuanidhi house? seeman house, nedumaran house, vaiko house, vijayakanth house etc etc etc?? even if he allow to visit / see his kitchen what greedam you are going to get?? do u have any mental related issues??? open it here .. don’t hide it..

  9. paandiyan says:

    its clearly indicates that you are not in the position to take my question in right direction. again my question is – what are the other caste people are happily doing this job?. and whatever you say before 50’s and all this now are doing in village by mudali, chettiyar, vanniyar, devar against daliths. semabi guru is Jesudas . how many dalith promoted by Christian jesudas. your ugly part is exposed here…

  10. Brahmin says:

    Soniyaavin Malam thindru naatu makkalin rathathai surandi thaan thamizhina poraaliyena kaati kolvaan.
    Iruthiyil Paarpana sathi endru urakkach cholvaan…
    Kaasukku madham maari eena seyalkal pala seithu penkalai izhivu paduthuvaan..
    Iruthiyil paarpana sathi endru urakkach cholvaan..
    Than kudumbathai thanathu thonthi pola valarthu vittu nyayam pala pesuvan,
    Ithu Dravida needhi endru odhuvaan…
    Pin vaasalil kovil chendru manjal thundai tholil pottu kolvaan..
    Ithuvum Dravida needhi endru odhuvaan…
    Oozhal pala seithu, kolaigal sila seithu, Aneethigal pala izhaithu vaazhvai otti thalluvaan,
    Itharku kaaranam poonal potta bramanan endru koosaamal kooruvaan..

    I can see Shanku following kattu maram. All the best Shanku!

  11. Brahmin says:

    Mr.Shankar neengal kaatikoduppavanum kootikoduppavanum bramanan endru koosamal ezhuthukiraaye. Unathu savukku thalathai kaati koduthum kooti koduthum velai partha Mahalakshmiyum, Cyril Thomas Selvamum entha vaguppu endru unakku nandraakave theriyum!! Naakku azhigi vidum unakku

  12. Brahmin says:

    Kaatikoduppavanum kootikoduppavanum yaar endru anaivarukkum theriyum. Ettappan mudhal premanandha nithyanandha varai ulla olu yaar endru anaivarukkum theriyum. Ithanal antha samukathai serntha anaivarum kettavanum illai.

    Naatirkkakavum mozhikkakavum paadu patta Vachinaathan, Bharathi, u.ve.savin moothiratha kudikka kooda kattu maram pondra thamizhina throkikku arukathai illai… Dharmapuriyil dalit veedukalai erithathu bramannana allathu vanniyanaa? Dalithkalai kondru kuvipathu yaar endru anaivarakkum theriyum?

    Ozhukkamaakavum nermayanavanaakavum vaazhpavarkal yaar thinam seithi thaalai thiranthathum athil karpazhippu, kolai, kollai, kalla kaathal pengalai kodumai paduthuthal pondra seyalkalil eedupadupavan yaar endrum ellorukkum theriyum…

  13. kulothungan says:

    First please understand one thing. Nobody forces brahmins to enter music field or others not to enter the field. It is those who have interest flourish. Please note that in all the fields people from all the community are excelling. It is only the talent that counts for the public to admire. That’s all. Hence please avoid precipitating everything with caste and colour. Your comment unnecessarily provokes communal violence which should strictly be avoided.

  14. Brahmin says:

    Brahmins will be happy if Thamizhisai can be revived just like how Carnatic music has been protected all these years. But unfortunately all these decades people like you have been more keen on criticizing Brahmins and making fun of carnatic music.

    Instead if you could you have focussed all these efforts in reviving Tamil music U.VE.Swaminatha iyer and Annamalai chettiyar would have been proud of you. With so much of man power, land and money you were more interested in other activities and totally neglected Thamizhisai. But on the other hand when you saw the 3.5% brahmin community partonizing and dominating the Carnatic music you wanted to vent out your anger on that.

    Mr.Shankar: Many boys in Brahmin community are still learning Mirudangam and Violin but why doesn’t non-brahmin kids are being encouraged to learn Nadaswaram, Tavil etc.? When it comes to making fun (or) criticize an art many of show your interest but do not show the same interest in learning that!

    People like you have totally left Thamizhisai to gutters and now could not tolerate the fact that Brahmins have mastered Carnatic music. Truth i.e. hard to digest!

    • Shankar says:

      //எண்ணற்ற ஏன் இணையற்ற நாதஸ்வரக் கலைஞர்கள் இருக்கிறார்களே. தெரிந்த வரை அதில் ஒரு பிராமணரைக் கூடக் காணோமே? அடுத்து தவில் காரர்களைப் பற்றி இன்னும் சொல்லவே வேண்டாம். பிராமணர்கள் இல்லை என்று சத்தியமே செய்யலாம். //…

      What you are going to say for this???

      • Brahmin says:

        If Brahmins don’t want to learn Nadaswaram then it’s their wish. If a Brahmin wants to learn it the community is never against him. But you never answered my question on what contributions were being done by the non-Brahmin society to develop Thamizhisai, villupattu, naatupurapattu etc? When such precious art forms were being allowed to be destroyed by you all what right do you have to cricticize brahmins now?

        • Shankar says:

          //But you never answered my question on what contributions were being done by the non-Brahmin society to develop Thamizhisai, villupattu, naatupurapattu etc? When such precious art forms were being allowed to be destroyed by you all what right do you have to cricticize brahmins now?//

          Till today those art forms are still there because of non-brahmins and not because of brahmins…u also didnt contribute anything for its growth..see i again and again say “LIVE AND LET LIVE”…community is an identity and it should be kept below us…everywhere this is there…but here it is on the upper side…no point in aruging without seeing things in broader way..

          • Brahmin says:

            You guys have destroyed the great art forms like Thamizhisai, villupattu, naatupurapattu etc. i.e. the whole truth. You never tried to preserve it. Shame on you!

          • Brahmin says:

            The 3.5% community doesn’t have to try to save and patronize every art form. The hard truth is that the rest of the 96% of the community has failed miserably to safe guard the ancient tamil music and art forms. If they have showed even a fraction of their commitment that u.ve.swaminatha iyer showed to restore ancient tamil scripts most of these art forms would have survived today.

    • Shankar says:

      //Mr.Shankar: Many boys in Brahmin community are still learning Mirudangam and Violin but why doesn’t non-brahmin kids are being encouraged to learn Nadaswaram, Tavil etc.? When it comes to making fun (or) criticize an art many of show your interest but do not show the same interest in learning that!//

      What made you do say that Mirudangam and violin is only for brahmins??? why you didnt ask that why not non-brahmins are being encouraged to learn mirudangam and violin??? Had at all you had asked this way i would have appreciated you..and happy about your thought…

      Instead you posted the question as why doesnt non-brahmin kids are being encouraged to learn Nadaswaram and Tavil??

      Here itself you can see what your thought pattern..No matter who you are…see how your perception is….Your wordings are like “Mirudangam & Violin @Copyrights reserved only for brahmins”….

      Now i am asking you the same thing why a Brahmin is not encouraged to learn a Nadaswaram and Thavil??? Only they are pertained to Mirudangam and VIOLIN??

      • Brahmin says:

        I never told that Brahmins should only learn Mirdungam or non-brahmns should only learn Tavil. Read it again Shankar. All that I am saying is that the kind of emphasis that Brahmins have given towards Carnatic music is missing in the non-brahmin counter parts who have failed to encourage their kids to learn music (or) any ancient tamil forms. You are not ready to agree to this plain truth. Instead you want to focus on criticizing brahmins & their learning of Carnatic music!

  15. Brahmin says:

    A question to Mr.Shankar: Why don’t you make efforts to revive tamizhisai (It has the same cultural heritage as Carnatic music). If 3.5% tamil brahmins can do justice to Carnatic music for centuries, I am sure that 96% non-brahmins can do much more to Thamizhisai which has some great soul in it.

    Oh I am sorry mr.savukku – You can only criticize brahmins for not spreading Carnatic music but can’t do anything constructively. I totally forgot that it is easy to degrade something but to build something is tough. Got your point!

    BTW everybody knows who were making fun of the Carnatic music in movies and public speeches so far. All of a sudden you would like to point fingers at Brahmins. Keep it up. Kattu maram will be proud of you

    • Shankar says:


      I am not here to offend any community…its just my views…it doesnt mean that it is still not prevailing in current society…As far as my view is a music should go and reach even the lower class people…i never felt carnatic music has gone to any such lower class people. and created any storm kind of feel..it was always considered a music for ELITE class…in the same manner, the likes of tharai / thappattai never appreciated by elite class or your class whatever you say…but it has capability to reach even the simple human…that is called music which i feel so…

      • Brahmin says:

        What makes you say that a certain section of people as lower class. First of all stop using the word lower class and define whom you meant as Lower class?

        You feel whatever you want. I enjoy tharai thappattai and as well as veenai but it doesn’t mean that I have to go and learn both. It’s my freedom to learn or listen to any form of music.

  16. Parthiban says:

    The Indian caste system came when there were no formal training centers for any particular profession. When there were no training centers, the family was the only way to train. So it was very important to maintain a blacksmith culture, a goldsmith culture or a cobbler culture; otherwise there would be no skills.

    Suppose your father was a blacksmith, at the age of 6, the moment you were ready, you started playing around with the hammer and anvil. By the time you were 8, your father saw that you anyway wanted to hit it, so it was better to hit it with some purpose. By the time you were 12, you were on the job. By the time you were 18 or 20, you had some craft and expertise on your hand to make your own living.

    So if your father was a blacksmith, you became a blacksmith; if your father was a goldsmith, you became a goldsmith. Each profession developed its own training centers within the family structure because that was the only training center; all the craft, professionalism and skills in the society could only evolve like this. If you are a blacksmith, you do not try to go and do a goldsmith’s job, you just do a blacksmith’s job because we need a blacksmith in the society. When people multiplied and became a thousand blacksmiths, naturally they had their own way of eating, their own way of marriage and their own way of doing things, so they formed a caste. There is really nothing wrong with it if you look at it on one level. It was just a certain arrangement of convenience for the society. Between a blacksmith and a goldsmith, the kind of hammer they use, how they work, how they look, what and how they eat, everything was naturally distinctly different because the type of work was very different.

    It is over a period of time that it became a means for exploitation. We started saying that a man who runs the temple is better than a man who runs the school. A man who runs the school is better than a man who runs the blacksmith shop. These are differences; everyone has to do something. But we established differences as discriminations over a period of time. Differences are fine. The world is bound to be different and it is nice that it is different, but we try to make every difference into a discrimination, whether it is race, religion or gender. If we had just maintained the difference, we would have been a nice, colorful culture. But when we lost our senses and started making everything discriminatory, the caste system became an ugly system. What was once a very relevant way to develop skills in a society has unfortunately become discriminatory and negative, not productive.

    Human beings make every difference discriminatory simply because every human being is longing to be a little more than what he is right now. One unfortunate way he has found is to put down the person next to him. His longing is actually to have a larger slice of life, but he does not know how to enhance himself, so the best thing is to depreciate someone else. It is a very rudimentary mind, but we have worked like that for a long time and we are continuing to work like that. It is time to change, but things are not going to change just by stripping off the old caste system; it will just establish itself in a thousand other ways. For example, do you think there is no caste system in New York? There is a different kind of caste system based on education, or economic capabilities; all these things create their own kinds of discriminatory groups. So it is not going to change unless we revolutionize the human mind.

    If there is no sense of inclusiveness in individual human beings, there is no way that the systems they create or actions they perform will lead to inclusiveness. If individuals do not experience this inclusiveness, they end up creating very exclusive processes. One basic aspect of a spiritual process is that it makes one into an all-inclusive human being. At the same time it will hugely equip the individual to be more efficient, more capable, more balanced and in turn more productive.

  17. paandiyan says:

    why don’t you or your associate start a MUSIC COLLEGE and do this service. why you are always bring big noises instead of doing productivity job. better do the job and raise your voice!!!!!

    • Shankar says:

      Define what a productivity job is??? Explain how it should be done??? CASTE & COMMUNITY CAN NEVER BE ERADICATED…ACCEPT THE TRUTH…THAT IS THE IDENTITY OF US…BUT THE PROBLEM RIGHT NOW IT IS NOT KEPT BELOW US RATHER IT IS KEPT ABOVE US….May be in todays form you might have removed a column of community but in many practical cases, still they do ask and the treatment comes based on it…Mr Pandiyan again i am saying IT field is not the only industry in the world that makes the earning of a man…It is very meagre compared to other working class…

      //why don’t you or your associate start a MUSIC COLLEGE??// If i get a chance to open a music college especially for carnatic sorry i wont..rather i would happily do what Ms Magizhini Manimaaran of KUMKI-SOI SOI song is doing…

      If not known about her doings….pls google it…

      • Brahmin says:

        @Shankar**********If i get a chance to open a music college especially for carnatic sorry i wont*********

        Nobody asked you to open a college for Carnatic music. A stong foundation is already existing for carnatic music and it is highly institutionalized. Though few like you try to make fun of Carnatic music we still adore, respect and worship Carnatic music and it’s stalwarts like M.S.subbalakshmi.

        Please try to do something constructively rather than only making negative comments and criticizing. The problem is there are too many people out there only trying to criticize the constructive work of others rather than trying to make any positive contributions.

        Start saying “If i get a chance to open a music college, I will contribute towards the development of ancient tamil music and art forms’ rather than saying ‘If i get a chance to open a music college especially for carnatic sorry i wont’.

  18. paandiyan says:

    //…they have never allowed other community people to go up the ladder beyond them…//

    what are the other caste people are happily doing this job? can you give the example so that Bhramin can take them as a roll model?? can you????

    • Shankar says:


      What is your question??? I can site n number of examples Mr Pandiyan…if you havent come across any experience dont say it it not there….there is still a friend of mine unfortunately a brahmin who will not allow me in his kitchen, and till today if i go to their home a separate glass is maintained to give water for non-brahmins…come on friend there are things that are also present..dont say it is not at all there…i can site much more examples…Irrespective of the community the mantra should be “LIVE & LET LIVE” irrespective of field, caste and community…Is this what happening here??? Only IT field doesnt cover the entire working class or industry…Dominations and partialitys are very much present till now in the society…Dont blabber without experiencing it.

  19. bhaskar says:

    Art and artist grow because of the patronage : Brahmin community is a small community. There is an erroneous perception created that an artist can grow only with the support of the brahmin community. One standing example is Mr.K.J .Jesudoss. He draws more crowd than anyother so called brahmin artists. It requires talent and hard work. In stead of cursing brahmin community, why not other communities create and support artists from other communities. It requires some efforts understand and appreciate arts like music. Brahmins take interest in music and support them. How about other communities ? What is preventing them from pursuing music.

    • Shankar says:

      Mr Bhaskar,

      Earlier sometime back he was not allowed to enter Guruvayoor temple…Today what is the condition i m not sure..And in earlier days his kacheri will be done outside of the temple…He was never allowed inside the temple…

  20. சுரேஷ் பாலா says:

    நல்ல விஷயங்களைப் பேசுவதற்குக் கூட யாராவது ஒரு பைத்தியக்கார யோசனையை முன்வைத்தாக வேண்டியுள்ளது. கிருஷ்ணாவுக்கு நன்றி.

    கர்னாடக இசை நமது தமிழ்ப்பண்ணிசைக்கு மிகவும் கீழே உள்ள விஷயம். இரண்டு கண்ணுள்ள ராமா, ஒரு கண்ணால் என்னைப் பார்க்க மாட்டாயா? இரண்டு கையுள்ள ராமா ஒரு கையால் என்னைக் காப்பாற்ற மாட்டாயா என்பது போன்ற பொருள் மட்டுமே உள்ள தியாகராஜரின் தெலுங்கு கிருதிகள் மேலெழுந்து நிற்கக் காரணம், நம்மை நெடுங்காலம் ஆண்ட தெலுங்கு ராஜாக்கள் என்பதே நம்மில் பலர் அறியாத சேதி. ஆனால் அந்தப் பாடல்களின் சொற்கட்டும், இசையும் சேர்ந்து கொடுக்கும் ரசானுபவம் அருமையானது என்பது வேறு விஷயம்.

    கர்னாடக இசையிலேயே தியாகராஜரின் கிருதிகளைத் தமிழ்படுத்திக்கூடப் பாடலாமே?

    வேண்டாமென்பவர்கள் தமிழ்ப்பாடல்களைத் தமிழ்ப்பண்ணிசையில் பாடலாமே?

    தஞ்சை நால்வர் போன்றவர்களின் பாடல்கள் பிராமணர்கள் தந்ததில்லையே?

    நமது முட்டாள்தனமானதும் அயோக்கியத்தனமானதுமான போக்குத்தான் நம்மை அடிமையாகவே வைத்திருக்கிறது. பாரதியும், உ.வே.சா. உம் செய்யாத தமிழ்த் தொண்டா? மதுரை வைத்தியனாத அய்யரும், சி.பி. ராமசாமி அய்யரும் செய்யாத அரிஜன முன்னேற்றத் தொண்டா?

    ஜாதி முறையில் பார்ப்பனருக்கு ஒரு படி கீழே உள்ளோமோ என்ற நினைப்பு பலருக்கு கசப்பாக இருக்கின்ற அதே வேளையில் நமக்குக் கீழே சில தாழ்ந்த ஜாதியினர் இருக்க வேண்டும் என்ற எதிர்பார்ப்பு இருப்பதுவே நம்மைப் பிளவுண்டு பாழ்பட்டு நிற்கும் ஒட்டு மொத்த இழிந்த தமிழ் ஜாதியாக இருக்க வைத்துள்ளது.

  21. Sebastian says:

    எனக்கு தெரிந்து பிராமணர்கள் எந்த வம்புக்கும் போவதில்லை. ஆனால் அவரகளை வம்புக்கிழுத்து அரசியல் செய்வதிலோ, அல்லது பரபரப்பை உண்டாக்குவதாக நினைத்து அர்த்தமற்ற பிதற்றல்களை முன் வைப்பதோ பைத்தியக்காரத்தனமாகத்தான் தோன்றுகிறது. திரைப்படத்துறையில் கூட மிகப்பிரபலமான சில இசையமைப்பாளர்கள் பிராமணர் அல்லாதவர் இருக்கின்றனரே? கலையில் திறமைதான் முக்கியம். மக்கள் அதை வைத்துதான் ரசிக்கிறார்கள். ஜாதியை வைத்தல்ல. எனவே ஜாதியை வைத்து பரபரப்பை உண்டு பண்ண நினைப்பது மூடத்தனம்.
    சவுக்கு இந்த கருத்தை முன் வைத்து இன்னும் தீர்க்கமாக கிருஷ்ணாவின் கிறுக்குத்தனத்தை எதிர்த்திருக்கலாம்.

    • Shankar says:


      “எனக்கு தெரிந்து பிராமணர்கள் எந்த வம்புக்கும் போவதில்லை”…Very correct…the surroundings of brahmins will only be brahmins..so they need not create a nuisance to others…they have never allowed other community people to go up the ladder beyond them…if you feel wrong or say no then it means you havent faced such situation yet….Only cinema was the field till now the brahmin domination couldnt be done…this doesnt apply to all other fields….

      • Anjankumar says:

        Dear Savukku
        ///Only cinema was the field till now the brahmin domination couldnt be done…/// You need to correct your information on this aspect. The first days of Tamil cinema was ruled by Brahmins! Popular producers like S.S.Vasan, Directors like Subramaniam, Cinema theatres owned by Bramins like Chitra Theatre, Artistes like Kumari Kamala, lyricists like Sivan, if you look at any department, there were Brahmins, who led. The Brahmins have an exemplary trait. They adapt to changes quicker than many other communities. They enter any filed much ahead of many other communities and make their mark. They are early birds in any new development. And the early birds do get the best prey. That has been the cause for their success. If it is the filed of law, they migrated from various parts of Madras Presidency to Madras city and entered the profession and made their presence felt. Similarly they enter any filed much ahead of others, even till date. Any one who wants to grow has to emulate this quality than find fault with them stating that they are surrounded by Brahmins alone.

        • Eesan says:

          Good especially the last few sentences. People like Shankar fail to understand this or pretend that they don’t understand …..

      • Ilango says:

        Shankar ji has made the most racist statement of this century. Congratulations. I have seen many brahmins who are most kind hearted, sincere and intellectual. At the same time I have also seen few brahmins who are not good. But unfortunately for them they can be distinctly identied as brahmins and if they achieve something they can be classified as ‘Privileged’ and if they do a mistake the entire community will be blamed.

        Every day when I take a newspaper and see the acid throwers, rapists etc, those names are definitely not from brahmin community. So does this mean that people from other communities are all rapists? Shame on you.

        What works in favour of the people from not a brahmin community is half the time we don’t know what community they belong to.

        I want to salute the brahmin kids who are living with 69% reservation for the welfare of the down trodden people unlike the Mudaliar and Chettiyar castes who inspite of coming from a well to do family have influenced the governments to clasify them as Backward Castes.

        • Shankar says:


          I was speaking about the community dominations and chances being avoided no matter how talented you are…Ya you salute them, you do a god treatment to them…who cares…come on join a company like TVS or Sundaram finance etc and from bottom position if you are able to make MD/VP/AVP/ anything…I will bow to you Mr…

          • kulothungan says:

            Do you mean to say there are no other companies that filter out other communities or castes? I know many companies where in HR only christians take over and recruit or promote only christians. Similarly there are many goundar companies that recruit only goundars. Please don’t write comments with tunnel vision

          • Ilango says:

            Yes of course I will salute them

  22. jaya says:

    In our country all are equal. anybody have efficiency and proficiemcy will be rewarded. if a brahmin not sings well who will recognise him? If a nonbrahmin sings well he will be given rewrd and recognition. So the question is how competetant the singer is? So dont mix poison in our culture.

    • Shankar says:

      I think you need to change your perception a bit…No matter how much a person has a talent, credibility everybody has not got the recognition or reward they needed…Caste do plays its part indeed in a quite manner…without caste we are not..(I m not a big supporter of caste/religion…no offense)..if you see the history, the works allotted to people was always based on the caste and it was well defined…that gave them identity and respect and other necessary things needed to them…that has also created an organised structure in ruling…at the same time importance was given to those people who play a vital role in growing and safeguarding the country…and even though we say we are in technology era, still this cant be eradicated completely….The question is how far everybody are treated fairly???

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