Mineral Water, the Untold Story – I

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    Thanks. An Excellent read. How did our water become un drinkable? I remember we never bought water some two decades ago…
    Can we say that water borne disease is not a problem anymore post bottled water drinking habits?

  2. MOORTHY says:


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  4. nataraj says:

    Dear pp, I appreciate you for creating awareness on this mineral water issue. You have covered the different segments without in depth analysis. Please focus each and every part in details and provide the clear picture how Indians become addicts for this bottle water. At the same time how Indian gave the space( by polluting, exploitation of water etc) for the bottle water to penetrate in their daily life. All the best.

  5. Ezhil Arasu says:

    Good Article . Please do write about the acids / alkali’s used to neutalise PH and the chemical component added to give the taste..

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