சிறை செல்லும் சீமாட்டி – பாகம் 5

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  1. K.S says:

    Yr analysis is good and commendable. No doubt corruption is bane to our society and is a root cause of many other problems. Considering that Jaya hasn’t done great reforms in the society to merit a condonation of punishment, it is also true that she deserves what she got for her past crimes.

    Having said that, as matured analysts we also have to see other ramifications by broadening our horizon a bit further. Today in TN, we have such an array of comedians and criminals in politics that people hardly have a choice for a leader with whom they can relate and repose confidence. The result is a big leadership vacuum for which all kinds of foreign forces are vying with each other to capture. We have to see if it is good for TN to be without a strong leader of people’s choice or with a leader imposed from north with agendas not so pleasant for its people.

    We are unable to name even a single person from the existing political set up as a capable leader – from the crop of Vkant/Vaiko/Stalin/Ramdos. They are either comedians or discredited because of their focus on doing bad things. Under these circumstances, when we look back at JJ, one can not refuse to admire the sheer leadership competence built over decades within her party and the sway she has over the entire cadre with an unparalleled grip on everything she handles. Her clear and strong un fearing views on many issues affecting the state is something none of her predecessors including MGR had (despite the fact that they were all men!). Her bold approaches have borne fruit in terms of getting us progress in Cauvery and Mullaiperiyar waters.

    If we analyse the circumstances as to why she became corrupt after coming to power in 1991, we have to go back by at least 25 years to see how the TN polity was transformed by the Karuna Govt bringing in all bad things and ruining all good culture. Of course DMK from its birth itself was indecent but we saw flashes of decency & correction from CN. Annadurai who was a bit refined of the lot. As soon as Karuna took over, he changed the perspective totally and engaged in corruption in anything & everything. So long as popular leaders like MGR were with him, great leaders like Kamaraj & Rajaji couldn’t turn a stone. Even after MGR parted with him, he continued his misrule to the distaste of the entire state until he was chucked out in 1976. Even though he lost the ensuing elections in 1977 to MGR, he was like a snake rearing to hit again if MGR was not alert enough. And MGR wasn’t alert enough so Karuna could manage his way back from problems and sustain his party. Then onwards, the only obsession of MGR was to keep the evil out of bay and so everything had to be done with that purpose in mind – that included even accumulating enough money to counter the cunning Karuna.

    Karuna as astute as he can be saw an opportunity and used it well when ADMK split briefly after MGR. Even during the short tenure he managed to do as much atrocities as possible and became unpopular again (reflected in the LokSabha election results of 1989 when Jaya along with Rajiv made a sweep in TN). Even though Karuna lost the mandate, he managed to rule until early 1991 when he had to sacked on charges of disrespecting the army and passing on military secrets to the enemy! For this reason alone, he should have been banned from politics forever!

    Then came JJ. She had to fight a weak but snaky Karuna and also the fact she is a lonely lady. She needed support to protect her and to wield power and so she had to allow all corrupt practices. Though what she did was absolutely wrong, she was not alone in doing such things in politics as she had many of her predecessors as well as contemporaries doing the same. Only she was raw and lacked the finesse to cleverly arrange everything so that blame never reaches her. It is only her naivety that has landed her in the present trouble. That is why you don’t see the same charges being leveled against her during her 2nd or third terms. To a certain extent, her character of arrogance and insecurity as a female could also take the blame.

    But the origin for all these are well seeded by our snaky Karuna who changed the political landscape into one of corruption and if any one has to stand against him and win, they needed resources apart from a strong personality. For people like us who have been deeply disappointed that Kamaraj could not vanquish this evil took some consolation that MGR could do it. But after his death, we needed someone strong enough to carry the process and it was JJ! She has been immensely successful tackling Karuna’s manace, each time learning and becoming better as a seasoned politician. It is virtually impossible to create another leader like her at least in the next 100 years. It is amazing to see the control a lady can exercise on a large bunch of rural men – be it from the confines of a jail or from the four walls of her home. It is sheer amazement!

    Therefore, in conclusion, our analysis would pardon JJ for the crimes once done and invite her to take up governance of TN until such time we see a capable alternative leader who will have similar qualities of fearlessness and upright leadership in safeguarding TN’s interests!

    • Patrick says:

      absolutely right

    • MRM says:

      Well said KS, you are absolutely right. To my view.. Vaiko is a good leader if he comes out-of-Eelam support. Let’s see who will conquer in coming 2016.. Other able leaders of today is GK Vasan ( odd man out of congress) .. Others such a V.Kant, Ramdoss are of no use.

  2. kamalkanth says:

    நிச்சயம் ஜெயா ஒன்றும் விரல் சூப்ப மட்டுமே தெரிந்த குழந்தை இல்லை, தண்டனை அளிக்கபடவேண்டியது அவசியம்.

  3. Prem says:

    Super article. I might have umpteen differences with Shankar especially the way he cheaply posted Kaththi’s online movie link on the day of its release but when it comes to exposing corruption at higher places, he is really a legend… Its so unfortunate that the people of TN have a sympathy for Jayalalitha for the simple reason that Karunanidhi & his family corruption is 10 times bigger than this lady’s corruption 🙁

  4. Amal says:

    It is really wonderful and savukku really bring out truth well. The worst part is many people still believe that Jaya only can do good to Tamilnadu. It is shame to Tamilnadu people

  5. senthurpandian says:

    your article likes Americas Secret Establishment – By Antony Sutton well done

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