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A State of ‘Encounters’: Madhumita Dutta 0

A State of ‘Encounters’: Madhumita Dutta

A State of ‘Encounters’: Madhumita Dutta APRIL 15, 2012 tags: Chennai Police, encounter deaths, Velachery incident by Nivedita Menon This guest post has been written by MADHUMITA DUTTA, a Chennai-based activist and writer, in conversation with Savukku Shankar, a...

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Elusive Justice.

The Indian judiciary has a long history of upholding human values and fundamental rights.  Whenever the state crosses the ‘lakshman rekha’ it was the judiciary which interfered and put spokes in the path of...

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The Last Lear

Gandhi, the Congress party president, had come to Chennai—along with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and two former prime ministers—to join the celebrations marking Karunanidhi’s 50th anniversary as a legislator, an unprecedented milestone in Indian politics. But on this humid summer day, as thousands of his followers from across the state converged on the burning sands to celebrate their leader’s longevity, the then 83-year-old chief minister of Tamil Nadu had something else on his mind.



Molester Cop and a mute administration

Though we have come across numerous cases of fence eating the grass, the incident which you are about to know would shock your conscience, because, this is not done by a person in the lower echelons of police, but a top cop who is going to be a Director General of Police at least for seven years.


Last week, the website published a story of how the enforcers of law broke the law in all possible ways.



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Complete text of Manmohan’s interview

Besieged by scam after scam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh finds it necessary to explain things from his point of view.

He tacitly admits to coalition pressures but says he would complete his term. Excerpts from his interaction with TV editors Effort is on to sign treaties or to revise treaties which would enable us to get information from the affected countries where this money is stored.


We will take all possible measures to control this menace of black money, to bring back to our country the money which is legally ours I think in a coalition government there is a coalition dharma and obviously the things are not entirely the way I would like them….The country voted our party to be the leader of the UPA coalition and we have a lot of unfinished business to accomplish and therefore I have never thought in terms of giving up half way and I will stay the course.

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Lordships, Respect should be commanded not ‘demanded’.


Though the author doesn’t consider any of the present Judges in the higher judiciary deserve the title “Lordship” the judges are addressed as Lordships in this article, as they hear ‘anything’ only after hearing the word LORDSHIP.