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The New Bandit Queen 0

The New Bandit Queen

Phoolan Devi, called the Bandit Queen, is dead, of course. But there are different avatars of the dreaded Devi, haunting the society all the time. At least Phoolan Devi was oppressed by society; suffered...

And the fight continues 5

And the fight continues

Achimuthu Shankar, a key contributor to the Savukku website, has strongly protested the hacking of his e-mail by the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.  Following a series of exposes, Justice C T Selvam...

Apologists Beware, Savukku Is Watching You ! 2

Apologists Beware, Savukku Is Watching You !

Like subaltern history, subaltern journalism too has many supporters. Talk of Mayavati’s corruption, they will say, ‘Oh come on, why do you target her, after all that is incipient Dalit leadership…’   Journalist Sam...