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Farm Law withdrawal – Why Modi backed off

  On 28 April 2019, in Bihar, Home Minister Amit Shah thundered “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown he is a man with a “56-inch chest” by destroying terrorist hideouts in Pakistan”.   The RSS...


A remorseful Modi, anyone?

So on the 2nd of June, 2014 ‘pehla wicket padli’ (the first wicket went down), that of one Mohsin Saikh’s – the credit going to the ‘bowling brigade’ of Dhanajay Desai. Now who’s this...


How to take on the RSS/Rendra

Many would have thought building a Ram mandir at the site where the Babri Masjid had stood till Dec.1992 would be one of the priorities of a parivar regime. But no, they are kicking...

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